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After a successful pilot in San Francisco, Bay Area Bike Share is going east. In less than a year, these baby blue bikes have zipped around San Francisco and the peninsula on over 200,000 trips, and soon, even in the East Bay. This spring, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), which supplied much of the original funding to launch the Bay Area Bike Share, committed $8.7 million to expand the system to the East Bay.... Read the rest
The Bay Area is beautiful, and some of the best views are from trains, buses, bikes, bridges and feet. Have you ever taken the TransBay bus across the Bay Bridge, and realize that the extra height gave you an incredible view of the Bay? Or leaned back in your BART seat over Albany and enjoyed the view of the East Bay hills on one side and fog-shrouded San Francisco on the other?... Read the rest
The following list of 41 don’ts for female cyclists was published in 1895 in the newspaper New York World by an author of unknown gender. Special thanks to for compiling the list! Don’t be a fright. Don’t faint on the road. Don’t wear a man’s cap. Don’t wear tight garters. Don’t forget your toolbag Don’t attempt a “century” [a 100-mile ride] Don’t coast. It is dangerous. Don’t boast of your long rides.... Read the rest
With so many gentle and safe trails, biking in Contra Costa County can truly be a family affair. But a safe and properly fitted bike for your child is an important first step. If you plan to buy online, this is particularly important. A good bike shop should be able to help you with this in person. The folks at Ibike offer this sizing guide: Approximate Age Child’s Inseam Wheel diameter 2-4 years 14-17 inches; 35-42 cm 12 inches 4-6 years 16-20 inches; 40-50 cm 14 inches 5-8 years 18-22 inches; 45-55 cm 16 inches 6-9 years 20-24 inches; 50-60 cm 18 inches 7-10 years 22-25 inches; 55-63 cm 20 inches 9+ years 24-28 inches; 60-72 cm 24 inches What should you look for in a kids’ bike?... Read the rest
Dec 2011. Can it actually save you money to take transit? Obviously that depends on a lot of things, and varies by person, but a lot of research finds that yes, on some trips, transit is the cheaper option. What can you do to reap some of these rewards? The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates that in 2005, the average annual cost of owning and operating a car driven 15,000 miles a year was about $7,800, or 52 cents a mile.... Read the rest
TRAFFIC ADVISORY:  EVENING RAMP CLOSURES Oakland, Calif., – Below is the scheduled upcoming closures associated with work on the Caldecott Fourth Bore Project. Please note that fog and inclement weather would impact the schedule. Contra Costa County:. Westbound Fish Ranch Road On-Ramp: Planned closures between the hours of 9 p.m. Monday, November 21 and 5 a.m. Tuesday, November 22; and between the hours of 9 p.m. Tuesday, November 22 and 5 a.m.... Read the rest
Few things are more heartbreaking than coming back to find your bike is missing. It happens to the best of us, but there are extra precautions we can all take to protect our rides. 1) Lock both the front wheel and the frame. Do you have a quick release front wheel? Make sure any piece of your bike that could come off is secured to something. If you’ve ever seen an abandoned bike missing its front wheel, or just an abandoned front wheel – it used to belong to someone that should have locked their wheel and frame together.... Read the rest
Daylight Savings Time ends for most of the United States at 1 AM on Sunday November 6. As we fall back the sun will set earlier in the evening. By by the end of November, the sun will set as early as 4:51 PM.  This means a lot of people will be commuting home in the dark. Though fewer miles are driven at night relative to the day, more than half of all traffic deaths occur after dark.... Read the rest
If you haven’t heard, we’re big fans of the East Bay Regional Parks District here at 511CC. The District has dozens of beautiful preserves, parks, ranches, valleys, hills, points, trails, and bays, including over a dozen right here in Contra Costa County. If you ever need a reason to hop on your bike or lace up your walking shoes, look no further. Let’s take a look at three of the parks.... Read the rest