Contra Costa Air Quality

Bay Area Bike Share launch in San Jose CA Will the streets of the Bay Area soon be full with a sea of bike-share commuters cycling that last mile from BART to the workplace? Only time will tell. Photo credit: Richard Masoner The Bay Area is not new to transportation innovations. Last year, we celebrated four successful decades of the visionary commuter rail known as BART, which stills sees climbing ridership  and continues be seen as a model of sustainable transportation for the rest of the nation.... Read the rest
From one beautiful bridge to another... Photo credit: vision63 In just about every major American metropolitan region, and especially here in the Bay Area, streets are congested – and contested – spaces.  Increasingly cities are reallocating mixed-traffic lanes to accommodate bicycling, and while this makes it safer for the cyclists, it can affect the traffic flow by reducing the number of lanes available for motorists, transit, and goods movement. Encouraging more cycling through the creation of dedicated bicycle infrastructure may be a wise investment in the long-term, but the short-term pains it causes some commuters has given rise to the use of phrases such as “anti-car” and “war on drivers.” Do people on bikes cause or relieve congestion?... Read the rest
Have you heard the hubbub about San Francisco’s “parklets“? Parklets are a cute name for a somewhat serious concept. Many downtowns and urban areas have a plethora of public space, but not a whole lot of places to sit, because so much of that public space is paved. Few square inches in the world are more valuable than a sunny spot in downtown at lunchtime on a beautiful day.... Read the rest