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511CC staff tests out new BART seats at Pleasant Hill

511CC staff testing out possible new BART seats at the Pleasant Hill BART Station on Tuesday

On Tuesday, we tested out BART’s new seats at the Pleasant Hill station. What do you think of the new seats?

  • Upholstered or not?
  • Plastic or stainless steel?
  • Broader seats or more standing room?
  • Should bikes be in a designated car?
  • Pictograms or automated station arrival announcements?

Not able to make it to a lab to test the seats? You can still provide feedback to BART on the subject.
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0 thoughts on “511CC staff tests out new BART seats at Pleasant Hill

  1. Make the seats out of a material that is easy to clean, the current ones are a health hazard and really gross! Put fewer seats in so the people in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, travelers with luggage and bikers have a place out of the way so people can move around without tripping. I'm willing to stand, it would do me some good.

  2. Over the years, BART car interiors have deteriorated to the level of being Health Hazards. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Replace all carpeted flooring with tile or washable hard material. Ensure that each car floor is washed with soap and water daily; before service begins or after it ends.
    2. Replace all cloth upholstered seats with large, durable vinyl seats; which should be designed so that they too are washed daily as in the case of flooring. The seats should not be the bucket-type, but rather, they should be "bench" type. This will help accommodate overweight people and skinny people better. Recyclable, strong plastic seats are much better than stainless steel seats which will corrode, especially after daily washing.
    3. Broader seats are better than more standing room, as some BART commutes average well over an hour (e.g. Pitts burg Bay Point to SFO).
    4. Bikes should have designated spaces in every car, without exception.
    5. On cars going to/from SFO or Oakland Airport (Coliseum station), the cars should have designated luggage space.
    6. Pictogram s, and running LED boards, similar to those currently showing arrival of BART trains at BART stations, should replace announcements, which in many cases can't be heard at all, since the trains run very noisy in certain segments.
    7. Noise of trains is extraordinarily high, in many sections of the BART tracks (e.g. between MacArthur station and Embarcadero station. And it seems to be getting worse. Cars and tracks must undergo a thorough scrutiny and maintenance to reduce the the noise to manageable levels.

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