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Altamont Commuter Express announcements

If you ride theĀ Altamont Commuter Express, here are two recent announcements that will go into effect on July 1, 2010:

  • Receive ACE alerts via text
  • ACE Buddy Program is back!

Receive Text Messages when ACE trains are delayed
Beginning July 1st, all ACE alerts are going to be sent by text message. Text alerts will be sent out for train delays greater than 20 minutes. Approximately every 10 minutes, update alerts will be sent out to keep passengers informed. All passengers are encouraged to subscribe to the ACE text alerts, as it is the best way to stay updated in the event of a train delay. Subscribe to the ACE text alerts now by texting “join ace.amalerts” and/or “join ace.pmalerts” to 292929.
The ACE call alert system will continue to be used, but only for severe delays greater than 60 minutes. Also, as of July 1st, the ACE email alerts will be cancelled. If you have any questions about the ACE text alert system, please contact D’Andre Berry at
ACE Buddy Program
The ACE Buddy Program is back! The program is simple and it provides a great incentive for you to recruit new riders to ACE. Here’s how to participate in the program:

  • First, find a coworker or friend who has never ridden ACE.
  • Next, visit and complete the form with your information as well as that of the buddy you are referring.
  • Once the form has been completed, your buddy will receive a ticket to ride ACE free for 3 consecutive days. Your buddy will also receive a 50% discount certificate to purchase a 20-trip or monthly pass.
  • If the buddy redeems the discount certificate, you will also receive discount certificate for 50% off.

The program starts July 1, 2010.

511 Contra Costa is currently offering ACE passes to eligible commuters. To find out if you qualify, check out the requirements for the 511CC Transit Program.

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