Bike Theft Prevention and Bikes on BART - Pittsburg | 511 Contra Costa

Bike Theft Prevention and Bikes on BART – Pittsburg

This 1-hour class is made possible via a partnership with the Antioch Library and funding from Kaiser Permanente. This is an indoor, classroom-only workshop, so no bike is required in order to participate.

BART’s two new stations in Pittsburg and Antioch are opening on May 26, and riding a bike is a free and fun way to get there. At this class a certified instructor from Bike East Bay will lead a discussion about taking your bike on BART, including how to get from the street to the platform, and what the rules are for bringing your bike on the train.

You’ll also learn how to protect your bike from theft, covering topics such as:

  • Locking techniques
  • Secure parking options
  • Bike registration
  • Strategies for how to recover a stolen bike