What is Bikesharing?

Bikesharing is an innovative transportation program, ideal for short distance point-to-point trips providing users the ability to pick up a bicycle, from a dedicated bike station or by locating a dockless bike via app, and return it within the system’s service area. Bikesharing differs from traditional bicycle rental services in that it is typically used for short, spontaneous trips that are often combined with other transportation modes (e.g. transit).

Dockless Bikesharing

Dockless bike sharing provies an easy and affordable solution to the first and last mile transportation problem. There are many scenarios in which dockless bikesharing proves useful.

  • Getting to/from BART without having to bring your bike on the train or having to lock it up at the station or work.
  • Going somewhere on bikeshare to meet friends and will have a ride home.
  • Biking to school when its nice out, but not having to worry about biking home if it rains (take transit or rideshare home instead).

BRiteBikes at Bishop Ranch

BRiteBikes by Social Bicycles was the first bikesharing service to operate in Contra Costa County.

BRiteBikes is a free system provided by Bishop Ranch. Want to run an errand or go out to lunch? Grab a bike for your trip and enjoy some fresh air! This service is for Bishop Ranch tenants only.

Find and reserve one of a bike using the Social Bicycles mobile app in your web browser, or using a bike’s keypad.

For more information on how to use BRiteBikes visit the BRiteBikes website.