Contra Costa Air Quality


Still need to drive? We understand.

We get that you might prefer to drive to get where you’re going. When you drive, there are still things you can do to make your trip better for air quality and your budget. Consider these options:

Share the Ride to Work – Fill an empty seat with a commuter headed in your direction and not only will you have toll-free access to the HOV lanes & Express Lanes, but by carpooling you’ll share trip costs, get to work faster (creating less air pollution) and you might qualify for our $25 Drive Less Commuter Incentive.

Drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) – 100% electric vehicles are eligible to use the HOV and Express Lanes as if they were a carpool. Not only will you get a faster commute, no gasoline means no tailpipe emissions. There are also cash rebates & incentives available for purchasing an EV.

Use the Express Lanes –  If you’re driving solo, you can pay to use the I-680 and I-580 Express Lanes. You’ll get a faster commute, which is good for both you and air quality – since less time in traffic means less pollution generated. (Note: You’ll need a FasTrak toll tag.)

HOV Lanes, Express Lanes & FasTrak®

If you drive with others, you can beat the gridlock by using the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and Express Lanes toll-free. Although the I-680 and I-580 Express Lanes are open to all vehicles, solo drivers choosing to use the Express Lanes will be required to pay a toll during peak hours:

  • needFlexPassThe Express Lanes will be toll-free for carpools, vanpools, eligible clean-air vehicles, buses and motorcycles with a FasTrak Flex toll tag
  • Solo drivers will have the option of paying to access the Express Lanes using a standard FasTrak or FasTrak Flex toll tag set to ‘1’

Bay Area HOV Lanes & Express Lanes

HOV Lanes – blue  •  Express Lanes – red

Electric Vehicles

Interested in purchasing an electric vehicle? Make sure to check out the numerous incentive programs which help to offset purchase costs and save on petroleum fuel.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Need a charge? Check out’s map of electric charging station locations.