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Martinez Starts Charging for Charges (2014)

Electric vehicle charging station on the corner of Court and Main in Martinez, CA. Image via: Google Maps

Electric car drivers, listen up! Last month (March 5th, to be precise), the City of Martinez adopted charging fees at electric vehicle charging stations. Users now have to pay $1 for each hour of charging. With gas prices climbing back towards $4 per gallon the fee is  nominal, not to mention necessary to keep such charging stations publicly available and to ensure turnover to allow multiple charging sessions per day at each charging station.
Additionally, charging stations now have varying time limits. Here are the limits listed by location:

  • City Hall (525 Henrietta St.)  – 4 hour maximum.
  • Corner of Court and Main Streets (679 Court Street) – 4 hour maximum.
  • Amtrak Station (407 Estudillo St.) –  24 hour maximum. The charge is capped at $12.
  • Pacheco Transit Hub (Pacheco Blvd. & Blum Rd) – 24 hour maximum. The charge is capped at $12.

To locate available charging stations, visit and click “Find Stations,” or call 1-877-370-3802 for 24/7 support.

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