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Mobile Phone Bike Mounts

A couple days ago we posted about nifty mobile phone apps for commuters and bike enthusiasts. GPS maps, speed and heart rate stats, music… all great and awesome, but how are you supposed to handle all of that while still using two hands to ride your bike? Here are a couple of mobile phone bike mounts that’ll solve your problems. Unfortunately, most of the bike mounts out there are still only compatible with the iPhone. Users with other phones might have to do a bit of manual modifications!
TIP: Be very careful on your first ride out with these mounts! Make sure everything has been attached and fitted properly, and even then, there’s no guarantee that your phone will be 100% protected from falling out and breaking. Just use your smarts and be careful!

1. Dahon Biologic

  • Weatherproof : welded touch-sensitive membrane prevents water ingress
  • 360 degree pivot option: portrait or landscape mode, it’s your choice
  • Weather protected openings for camera, headphones and charge cable
  • Compatible with iPhone
  • $53.95 from Amazon

2. GoRide

  • Similar to the Dahon Biologic, but its best feature is that it is  easy to unclip and put into your bag or pocket.
  • Compatible with iPhone.
  • $29.95 from Amazon
  • One user reviewed it and demonstrates how to use the GoRide in a YouTube video. Watch below:

3. Azmer Handlebar Mount

  • Swiveling head rotates and the mount allows movement left, right, or rotates 360 degree.
  • Suitable for handlebars between 0.75 inches to 1 inch in diameter.
  • Compatible with Motorola Droid 8A55
  • Be careful, the reviews range from great to not secure at all. Some reviewers had to use rubber bands to keep their phones in place.
  • $24.95 from Amazon

4. VeloTrac Bike Mount

  • Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile phone, Android
  • Comes in a small zipped up bag that has a rain and dust cover so the phone can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Attached using velcro straps.
  • $29.95 from Amazon

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