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Transit Service Updates – 511 Contra Costa

BART: Reduced Service
Trains now run every 30 minutes Monday-Friday. Operating hours are 5am-9pm Monday-Friday and 8am-9pm Saturday and Sunday. On weeknights, all riders must be in the system by 8:45pm to have a guaranteed ride to their destination. 3-line service now begins earlier in the evening and single tracking in San Francisco starts around 8pm.

Early Bird Express (EBX) bus service between 4-5am has been reduced, with some lines discontinued due to low ridership. Routes 701, 702, 704, 705, 706, 713, and 714 have been reduced. Routes 703, 707, 708, 709, 712, and 715 have been discontinued.

AC Transit: Reduced Service, Boarding Changes, No Fare Collection
AC Transit is currently operating on a modified Sunday schedule:

  • Weekday-only local lines and weekday-only Transbay lines will not operate
  • Lines F, NL, O, and 800 will continue to operate
  • Lines 800 and 801 will operate hourly
  • Line 1 will operate hourly between midnight and 5:00am

AC Transit has implemented rear-door boarding on buses with multiple doors to facilitate social distancing. They have also reduced the maximum number of riders on each bus until further notice. Once the onboard count nears or reaches the new COVID-19 passenger thresholds, the operator may bypass stops. For waiting riders, the external head-sign will convert to “Drop-Off Only,” alerting that the bus will not stop. For riders on board, the operator will continue to recognize requests to exit.

Fare payment is not required until further notice. Passengers requiring ADA ramps, utilizing mobility devices or need priority seating may continue to use the front door for boarding. Wheelchair riders may be allowed onboard without securements by bus operators.

County Connection: No Fare Collection, Partial Service Restoration
County Connection has already suspended fare collection on all routes including paratransit. Weekday service has resumed on all local routes except for Routes 5 and 6, which will continue to operate modified schedules. Regular service has also resumed on Express Routes 91X, 98X and 99X. Some limited service on express Routes 92X, 93X, 95X, 96X, and 97X has been restored. Please visit County Connection’s website for updated schedule and trip cancellation information.

WestCAT: Reduced Service, Boarding Changes, No Fare Collection
WestCAT isn’t collecting fares on any service until further notice and is suspending all mail orders. All passengers able to board and exit through the rear door should do so.

WestCAT is temporarily limiting passenger capacity on all buses in support of social distancing measures. To avoid overcrowding they will be observing the following passenger limits:

  • Double-Decker Buses: 24 Passengers
  • 45 Ft. Motor coach: 12 Passengers
  • 40 Ft Low-Floor Buses: 7 Passengers
  • 40-Ft. Buses (non Low-Floor): 9 Passengers
  • 35 Ft. Buses: 6 Passengers

The JX Route has been suspended. (Note: the J and JPX Routes will continue to operate.) WestCAT is currently operating on a modified service schedule which took effect on April 18. Routes 17 and 18 have been cancelled.

Tri Delta Transit: Boarding Changes, No Fare Collection
Passengers will board fixed-route buses through the rear door unless they require the wheelchair ramp. Additionally, no fares will be collected on any Tri Delta Transit buses.

Tri Delta Transit implemented a 30 percent reduction in service on April 19. No routes have been cut, but there are fewer daily trips on the new schedule.

Richmond Ferry: In Service
The Richmond Ferry has resumed service with 5 morning round-trips and 5 evening round-trips. The current schedule is available online.

Capitol Corridor: Partial Service Restoration, Face Coverings

Capitol Corridor’s current service consists of eight weekday round trips. Five of those round trips serve stations south of Oakland Jack London Square to San Jose. Weekend service is five round trips.

All passengers on the Capitol Corridor are required to wear a mask or face covering while on board trains & buses, as well as at stations.

Wheels Bus: Reduced Service, Boarding Changes, No Fare Collection
Wheels is currently operating at Service Level 3. This means:

  • Rapid Routes 10R and 30R will continue to operate on a 30 minute frequency during hours when 15 minute frequency was previously offered
  • Routes 1, 3, 8, 14 and 15 will operate on weekend schedules
  • Route 2, 11, 20X, 70X and 580X will not operate
  • All service after 11pm discontinued
  • Routes 53 and 54 continue to operate subject to continuation of ACE service
  • Dial-a-Ride Paratransit, Para-taxi and GoDublin still available

Passengers without disabilities are to use the rear door for boarding and exiting.

Altamont Corridor Express: Reduced Service, Ticketing Changes
ACE has suspended Saturday service as well as the ACE 05. 06, 07 and 10, and is running shorter trains. ACE has suspended in-person ticket sales at the Lathrop/Manteca and Tracy stations and is encouraging passengers to use mobile ticketing when boarding. In-person ticket sales will still be available during mornings at the Pleasanton station.

Golden Gate Transit: Reduced Service, Seating Limits
Service adjustments have been made, including the cancellation of some southbound and northbound commute trips until further notice.Visit the Golden Gate Transit website for revised trip times for Routes 40 and 40X. Additional cancellations may be necessary on a daily basis.

The number of passengers per bus has been limited to ensure compliance with social distancing, public health and safety orders.

Fairfield and Suisun Transit: Partial Service Restoration, Boarding Changes, No Fare Collection on Local Service

FAST local service and SolanoExpress commuter service have been reduced. Details of changes are available on FAST’s Service Advisory page. No fares are being collected for local routes, but fares are being collected for SolanoExpress service. Passengers are being asked to board and exit through the rear door if able to.

Solano Transit: Partial Service Restoration, Boarding Changes, Face Coverings

Fare collection is in effect on for all SolTrans services. SolTrans Local, SolanoExpress, and Paratransit service are operating on a Saturday service schedule on weekdays until further notice. SolTrans has also reduced Local, SolanoExpress and Paratransit service on Saturdays. On Saturdays, only the following routes will operate: 1, 7A, 7B, Yellow Line, Red Line, and Paratransit.

SolTrans recommends wearing a face cover when waiting in line and riding public transportation. Outside Solano County it is mandatory to have a face cover out in public. If you are traveling on SolanoExpress Lines, bring your face cover.

Passengers should board using the center doors. Those who need assistance from the ramp may board at the front doors. If possible, the use of Token Transit is recommended for easy visual fare adherence boarding (so that money does not need to be handled).