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Transit Video

Making Public Transit Work for You

With more than thirty operators region-wide, we know that taking transit in the Bay Area can be overwhelming. To help make getting around less confusing, 511 Contra Costa produced an instructional video for anyone who’s thinking of greening their commute.

Video hosted by Vimeo.

Other versions available in Spanish, Mien, Laotian, Punjabi, and Vietnamese in DVD format and are available at many local libraries.

You will find the following How-To’s on the DVD:

  • reading bus schedules
  • using the bus
  • connecting to BART and other buses
  • bicycle use on public transit
  • carpooling to transit

This production was made possible thanks to a grant from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (99/00), along with funds from AC Transit, BART, RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.  The Contra Costa Employment and Human Services Department and BART contributed costs of translation. Released 2001.