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<strong>The Caldecott Tunnel Trivia Contest has now ended. Congratulations to all of <a href=”#winners”>our winners</a> who won $10 to Peet’s and thanks to all who participated!</strong> For updates on the Caldecott Tunnel construction, check out our Caldecott Blog. For other contests and goodies, be sure to check out our <a href=””>Promotions page</a>, follow <a href=”!/511cc”>511CC […]

Congratulations to Julie D. of Walnut Creek! She correctly answered how many vehicles travel through the Caldecott Tunnel every day – 160,000 – and won $10 to Peet’s. The Fourth Bore Project recently celebrated a major milestone with the tunnel “breakthrough”. What does this significant milestone represent for the project?

Congratulations to Stephanie V., who answered Caldecott Trivia Question #2 correctly and won $10 to Peet’s Coffee & Tea! If you entered but didn’t win, Question #3 is now out. Happy Internet sleuthing! Click here to view the newest Caldecott Tunnel Trivia Question.