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Transit Passes: Buy One, Get One Free

Stretch your commuting dollar by taking advantage of our ‘Buy One, Get One’ offers! 511 Contra Costa has partnered with county transit agencies to offer two-for-one deals on the following cards and passes:

  • WestCAT – 31-Day Lynx Transbay Pass
  • Tri Delta Transit – Commuter 20-Ride Pass
  • SolTrans – Monthly Pass for Routes 78 & 80
  • Fairfield & Suisun Transit – 31-day pass for SolanoExpress Green Express Line or Blue Line.

Taking advantage of the offer is easy – just download a form & apply. You’ll find application forms, including offer details, on the 511 Contra Costa Promotions Page.

Construction Starts Mid-May 2017: Lafayette BART Station – North Lots

Starting in mid-May 2017, construction work will begin on the northern parking lots of the Lafayette Station as part of the Station Site Improvements Project.
The work will take approximately 8 months and be completed in two phases. Phase 1 will include the temporary relocation of the ADA lot and intermodal zone. Phase 2 will include the temporary relocation of the permit lot adjacent to Happy Valley Rd.
The entrance to the north side of the Lafayette BART station will remain open during construction.
While construction is taking place, you can use County Connection bus routes 6 and 25 to get to the station. For more information go to:
For more details about the project, visit BART’s project information page.

Presidents Day 2016: Transit Schedules – Monday, February 15

american flagOn Presidents Day (Monday, February 15), some transit agencies will run on regular weekday schedules while others will run on holiday schedules. We’ve collected all the schedules for easy reference.
Click any link below for additional schedule information.

  • BART: Saturday schedule
  • AC Transit: Sunday schedule
  • WestCAT: Saturday schedule: Express J, DAR, Local (11, 19); No Lynx, JX, JPX, 30Z, or C3 service
  • Capitol Corridor: Regular weekday schedule
  • County Connection: Regular weekday schedule
  • Tri Delta Transit: Routes 392, 393, 394 and 395 on Sunday schedule; no other service
  • Wheels (LAVTA): Saturday schedule plus the addition of limited service on Routes 20x, 70x; no service on Rapid

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2016: Transit Schedules (Jan. 18)

Martin Luther King JrOn Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 18), some transit agencies will run on regular weekday schedules while others will run on holiday schedules. We’ve collected the transit schedules for easy reference.
Click any link below for additional schedule information.

  • BART: Saturday schedule
  • AC Transit: Sunday schedule
  • WestCAT:
    • Saturday Service: Express JR/JR, DAR, Local (11, 19)
    • No JX, JPX, 30Z, or C3 Service
    • Modified Holiday Service: LYNX
  • Capitol Corridor: Regular weekday schedule
  • County Connection: Regular weekday schedule
  • Tri Delta Transit: Routes 392, 393, 394 and 395 on Sunday schedule; no other service
  • Wheels (LAVTA): Regular Saturday service plus the addition of limited service on Routes 20x, 70x; no service on Rapid

Clipper Expands in Contra Costa (Nov. 2015)

Color Clipper LogoThe wait is over! Clipper is now accepted on County Connection, WestCAT, Wheels (LAVTA) and Tri Delta Transit buses. Here is some information to help you get started using Clipper:
How to Get a Clipper Card: If you don’t already have a Clipper card, you can order one by phone, visit, or purchase one at transit agency ticket offices and select retail stores. (Details)
31-Day Pass vs. Cash: You can use a 31-Day Pass or cash value on a Clipper card. To determine the best value for you, visit the appropriate fare page:

Clipper Discounts: Clipper offers discount cards for youths and seniors. Customers with disabilities may also receive a discount card through the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) program. (Details)
Clipper Applies Transit Agency Discounts: Each transit agency offers its own discounted fares, passes, and/or tickets for adults, youths, seniors and passengers with disabilities. When you use cash value on a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card, Clipper automatically applies any available discounts for which you are eligible.
Routes Which Now Accept Clipper:

  • Tri Delta Transit: All fixed routes.
  • County Connection: All regular and express fixed routes except routes 250 and 260 and the Alamo Creek Shuttle.
  • WestCAT: All routes except the local portion of the Lynx route. If you ride a Lynx bus for a local trip, you should pay your fare in cash, or Clipper will charge you a transbay fare.
  • Wheels: All fixed routes.

How to Use Clipper: Tag your card by holding it flat against the Clipper logo on the Clipper card reader, and wait for the beep and green light. If your card balance is low, the reader will beep twice and display a yellow light. You can still board the bus, but you will need to add value to your card before your next trip. If you do not have enough value on your card, the reader will beep three times and display a red light, and you will not be able to pay your fare with Clipper.
Transfers Between Bus Systems: Clipper automatically grants you one free transfer from other Wheels, County Connection, Tri Delta Transit and WestCAT routes. If you are transferring to a transit service that does not accept Clipper, you should request a paper transfer.
Day Pass: A Day Pass gives you unlimited rides on a single day: $3.75 for adults and youth, $1.75 for senior and RTC customers. The Day Pass is a regional pass good on most Tri Delta Transit, County Connection, WestCAT and Wheels routes. You get the Day Pass discount automatically – once you pay $3.75 in fares in a day on any combination of the participating transit services, your rides will be free of charge for the rest of that day. Free transfers and fares paid on WestCAT Lynx Transbay service do not apply toward a Day Pass.
For more information on how using Clipper works with regard to a specific transit agency, visit and click the logo of the transit agency you’re interested in.

Transit Schedules for Labor Day – September 7, 2015

511_logoWe’ve collected the transit schedules for Labor Day to make it easier to know which buses and trains are running and how often to expect them. For more information about specific schedules, click the links below.
Transit Operators Running Sunday Service on Labor Day

No Service

Upcoming Service Changes: County Connection, AC Transit, Wheels, SolTrans (Aug. 2015)

County Connection, AC Transit, SolTrans & Wheels (LAVTA) have all announced upcoming service changes. Here’s what you need to know:
County Connection logoAgency: County Connection
Changes Take Effect: August 16
Full Details:

  • Route 1M – New Service: Service to the Marchbanks neighborhood is being restored between WC BART, John Muir Medical Center and Marchbanks
  • Route 3 – New Martinez Community Shuttle: New route will serve Amtrak, CC Regional Medical Center, Adult Education Serivces, Kaiser, Arnold Dr, and the Senior Center
  • Route 19: Alignment changes to serve Sun Valley Mall and Diamond Blvd
  • Route 310: Two AM and two PM trips added between Concord BART and Clayton/Kirker
  • Route 314: Trip added leaving DVC at 6:10pm
  • 600 Series: Changes to the 611, 613, 616, and 619 school day service

Agency: AC Transit
Changes Take Effect: August 23
Full Details:

  • Line 800 will operate more frequently on Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning, with service every 20 minutes from 12:30am–6:30am On Sunday mornings, buses will operate every 30 minutes from 6:30am–7:30am
  • Line 76: Two new trips added heading toward El Cerrito del Norte BART on weekdays, leaving Hilltop Mall at 7:13am and 2:24pm
  • Minor schedule changes to Line 72R and G

WHEELSAgency: Wheels (LAVTA)
Changes Take Effect: August 22
Full Details:

  • Route 70X has been modified to bypass Walnut Creek in the non-commute direction, operating directly from Dublin to Pleasant Hill in the AM and directly from Pleasant Hill to Dublin in the PM
  • Route 12/12X: Certain trips of the 12X and trips that begin at the Airway Park-n-Ride have been re-arranged within the schedule
  • Route 54: The 5:36am trip is to be discontinued
  • Route 503: The PM schedule has been re-arranged to accommodate Wells Middle School and Dublin High School with separate trips; the previously operated 5:30pm trip has been moved to 5:00pm in order to accommodate the after-school program at Dublin High School
  • Route 501: A second, later departure has been added in the PM to accommodate the after-school program at Dublin High School
  • Schedule changes to Route 3, 10, 12, 54, 70X, 501, 502, 503, 603, 607, 609, and 610

Agency: SolTrans
Changes Take Effect: August 15
Full Details:

  • Minor adjustments to printed schedules for Route 80 & 80s (1-2 minutes) to accurately reflect travel time

Schedule & Services Changes: County Connection, Wheels, Tri Delta Transit (Feb. 2015)

WHEELSWheels (LAVTA) – The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority is making minor changes to several of its regular and school-focused bus routes effective Saturday, February 21:

  • Route 2 – The afternoon schedule has been modified to improve timings for Fallon Middle School students; trips now depart E Dublin BART at 30 minutes past each hour instead of at the hour.
  • Route 9 – Trips that previously operated as Route 70X now operate as Route 9 in the Hacienda Business Park. The Inglewood/Chabot loop has been discontinued.
  • Route 10 – The morning starting time of service has been modified; westbound service now begins
    approximately 30 minutes later, while eastbound service starts approximately 30 minutes earlier than in the
    previous schedule.
  • Route 11 – The previous 5:57am trip has been discontinued, and a new 8:12am trip added to the morning service. In the afternoon, all trips now depart the Transit Center 15 minutes later compared to the previous schedule.
  • Route 70X – See notation for Route 9 above; passengers will continue to be able to travel between the Walnut Creek and Hacienda areas and vice versa without the need to transfer buses.
  • Route 605 – The route has been extended to Martin Avenue, and now operates the segment similar to Route 608.
  • Minor timing adjustments have been made to the schedules of routes 10, 12, 15, and Rapid.

Click here to see the full press release.
Tri Delta TransitTri Delta Transit – Tri Delta Transit will have a new schedule taking effect on Sunday, March 8. The new schedule will include:

  • Time Changes: Routes 201, 300, 380, 385, 387, 388, 391
  • NEW morning run on Route 385 EB. Service for Liberty High School Students

Printed schedules will be available on board buses the week of March 1. To request a schedule by mail, call 925-754-6622. Click here to view the new timetables.
County Connection – Thanks to the property owners in the Shadelands Business Park, County Connection’s Route 7 buses are now free to all passengers (effective February 16). Route 7 operates M-F every 15 minutes from approximately 6:30–10:00am and 3:00–7:30pm traveling between the Pleasant Hill BART station and the Shadelands Business Park via Treat Blvd and Oak Grove Road. To view the schedule and route map, click here.
AC TransitAC Transit – Although AC Transit’s service expansion does not affect Contra Costa County directly, the addition of weekend service on Lines 46 and 339 make it possible to connect from BART to AC Transit to visit Chabot Space and Science Center and the Oakland Zoo, as well as other worship and recreational facilities.
The service expansion takes effect on Sunday, March 15 and affects Lines 72R, 46, 200, 212, 217, 339 and NL.

Don't Forget, The County Connection 2013 Summer Youth Passes Now Available!

CCCTA/(Contra Costa) County Connection Gillig Phantom, Dublin, Ca.
Photo credit: La Wad
Just a quick reminder, The County Connection’s Summer Youth bus passes are now on sale– here’s the official announcement:

Following a decades-old tradition The County Connection is offering a deeply discounted Summer Youth bus pass to help students get around during the summer.
The 20-Ride Summer Youth Pass sells for $15 and is available now for youths age 6-18. Summer Youth passes are accepted on all County Connection regular fixed-route buses. If using the Summer Youth Pass on an Express route at additional quarter is needed.
County Connection allows more than one person to use a single bus pass, making it easier for families with multiple children, or for those planning group outings.
The pass is valid from June 9 through September 30th, and is available through the mail, at most sales outlets, or online.  For more information about this program, call Customer Service center 676-7500 or visit

Need inspiration for how you can put a Summer Youth pass to good use? Check out our Transit and Trails post!

Later service on CCCTA Free Ride Trolley begins Friday (Nov. 2012)

Beginning this Friday, November 23, the Walnut Creek Free Ride Trolley will run later in the evening Monday-Saturday, giving shoppers, employees, diners and residents extra time to enjoy the downtown area.
The last trolley will leave Broadway Plaza at 10:10 PM Monday-Saturday through December 8th (currently, the last Walnut Creek BART-bound trolley leaves Broadway Plaza at 9:30 PM on weekdays and 6:36 PM on weekends).
December 10-23, the trolley will run even later in the evening, with the last bus leaving Broadway Plaza at 11:06 PM.
CCCTA will not be running extended service on Sundays, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. The bus will not be in service for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
There will be no extended service hours on Sundays, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, and no service on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
For more information about The County Connection visit
Image credit: Keith C.

County Connection Free Ride trolley schedule will be adjusted to run later on Monday-Friday evenings

Concord, Calif. – Beginning next Monday, August 22nd the County Connection’s Free Ride trolley schedule will be adjusted to run later on Monday-Friday evenings. The trolley runs between the Walnut Creek BART station, the downtown shopping district, and the Broadway Plaza. And, as the name implies – it’s free to the riders.
Service will be less frequent in the early morning hours before the shops open when there are fewer riders. Then, starting at 8:25 AM and continuing until 6:55 PM, the trolley will run every 15 minutes. There will be four trips after 6:55, which will run on 35 minute intervals. The last trolley will leave Walnut Creek BART at 9:15 PM, and the last trolley will leave the fountain in Broadway Plaza at 9:30 PM.
County Connection Board Member and Walnut Creek Mayor Pro Tem Bob Simmons comments:

This ‘feathering’ of service hours allows the City to gain the four evening trips without additional cost. This gives shoppers, employees, diners and residents extra time to enjoy all that downtown Walnut Creek has to offer. I wish to thank County Connection and our City staff for coming up with such a creative approach to extend this important service without additional cost.

In addition to the Walnut Creek Free Ride Trolley, County Connection provides fixed route and paratransit service throughout central Contra Costa County. For information on its other transit services, please call County Connection Customer Service 676-7500 or visit

Free Ride Trolley In Walnut Creek Extends Service Hours During Holidays

Concord, Calif. – County Connection Route 4, The Free Ride Trolley, will operate later in the evening between Walnut Creek BART, downtown Walnut Creek, and the Broadway Plaza, during the busy holiday shopping season. The later service is subsidized by Macerich, owners of Broadway Plaza.
Late evening service will be as follows:

  • Sundays throughout season – no extended service
  • Nov. 26-Dec. 11 – Last bus leaves the Broadway Plaza at 10:00 PM
  • Dec. 12-Dec. 23 – Last bus leaves the Broadway Plaza at 11:00 PM
  • Dec. 26-Dec. 31 – Last bus leaves the Broadway Plaza at 10:00 PM
  • There will be no extended service on December 24th and no service on December 25

“We’re very grateful that Macerich will again fund the extended hours of service,” said Bob Simmons, County Connection Board of Directors representative from Walnut Creek. “This is a win-win for both shoppers and businesses in the area. The Free Ride Trolley provides a convenient way to move throughout the entire downtown area during the busy holiday season.”
For detailed schedule information, please visit County Connection’s website,, or call Customer Service at 676-7500.

County Connection Introduces First Hybrid Electric Buses

Concord, Calif. – On Saturday, April 24th Contra Costa residents can get a sneak peak at County Connection’s first hybrid electric buses before they officially go into service. County Connection will host an Earth Day event from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. The public is invited to take a free “test ride” on the new bus that will travel between Walnut Creek BART and Heather Farm Park throughout the duration of the Earth Day event on Saturday, to experience first hand the smooth, quiet ride of the new hybrid electric buses. Continue reading “County Connection Introduces First Hybrid Electric Buses”

Public Hearing on County Connection’s Draft Ten-Year Short Range Transit Plan, March 18, 2010

The Central Contra Costa Transit Authority is conducting a Public Hearing at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 18, 2010 in the Board of Directors meeting room at County Connection’s administrative office, 2477 Arnold Industrial Way . The purpose of this hearing is to receive citizen comment on CCCTA’s draft ten-year Short Range Transit Plan FY2010-FY2019.
This plan represents the goals, objectives, and standards for the CCCTA along with a general evaluation of system performance; description of the CCCTA service area and transit services; and an outline of the CCCTA capital, financial and operational ten year plan. The plan includes both fixed-route and paratransit services operated by CCCTA.
Click here to download The County Connection Ten-Year Short Range Transit Plan Draft for FY 2010-2019.
Interested members of the public are invited to speak at the hearing, and/or any of the following: Submit written comments to:
Service Planning Department
2477 Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, CA 94520
FAX to:
Attn: Service Planning Department
or Email to:
For more information, visit

County Connection to change several bus schedules starting December 27, 2009

Effective Sunday, December 27, 2009, The County Connection will implement a number of changes to its weekday bus routes. The changes are intended to address overcrowding on routes, improve BART and bus connections and to help buses stay on schedule.
Affected routes are: 2, 5, 6L, 7, 9, 10, 11, 20 and 28. New schedules have been posted online and will be available next week at current distribution locations.
The County Connection serves about 5 million riders a year on fixed-route and paratransit vehicles across a service area of 200 square miles. Most routes run at a frequency between 30 and 90 minutes. For fixed routes, the regular fare is $2.00 and the express fare is $2.25. For paratransit vehicles, the fare is $4.00 per trip. For discounts through pass purchases, visit County Connection’s Fares page.
For specific schedule information on The County Connection, contact:
Customer Service: 925-676-7500
For other questions, contact:
County Connection Administrative Offices
2477 Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, CA 94520
925- 676-1976