Contra Costa Air Quality

Earth Day is a chance to consider changes we can make to reduce our burden on the planet. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day, try this: pick a day this month and change up your commute and rideshare, walk, bike or take transit to work! Here’s how switching from driving alone to work – even one day a week – benefits both you and the planet: Good for the Environment: According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), taking public transportation is one of the most significant actions a household can take to reduce their carbon emissions.... Read the rest
[Photo via wwworks] Concord, Calif. – County Connection bus passengers eliminated 20,582 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment each weekday in April by using the bus instead of driving a car. Carbon dioxide emission reductions are determined using the average weekday ridership and average trip length, then factoring out those who would have driven a car if the bus was not available. To learn about bus service in your neighborhood, call 676-7500 or visit Read the rest
511 Contra Costa is helping youths under 17 years of age in east Contra Costa County gain transit experience and become more earth-friendly by providing $10 off the price of a Summer Youth Pass for unlimited fixed-route rides from Tri Delta Transit. Each family can help “Spare the Air” by reducing the number of miles driven. Every gallon of gas consumed is equivalent to 20 pounds of CO2.. Get your discounted pass now.... Read the rest