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Bike to Work Day at the Mid Market Energizer Station

Bike to Work Day 2010 in San Francisco. Photo credit: Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition In an earlier post here at 511 Contra Costa we noted that commuter benefits for vanpooling and public transportation had been restored through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (HR 8) to be on par with the qualified parking benefit For the 2013 […]

Bikes on Bart Pilot Aug. 3, 2012

Bikes on BART during August’s “Bike Friday”. Photo Credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Remember when BART experimented with allowing bicycles on trains during Friday rush hour in August, known as “Bike Friday?” Following the mostly positive, encouraging feedback the agency received  during that test run BART is ready to try it again. A second phase of “bikes on […]

BART rebuild

Proposed improvements would allow riders to board and exit on both sides of the train! Image via BART There’s been no shortage of BART news lately here at 511 Contra Costa– from improved signage, to new (and old) extensions under construction, to experiments with allowing bikes on during rush hour and of course BART’s 40th birthday. The latest […]

a perfectly squared vision of the embarcadero

Market Street, San Francisco. Photo credit: torbakhopper Head’s up! 511CC has a new commuter incentive program page! Learn how you can partake in the Drive Less Commuter Incentive Program and get a cash reward for switching from commuting in a single-occupant motor vehicle to carpooling, transit, bicycling or walking. Driving less really can help reduce environmental impacts […]

A couple days ago we posted about nifty mobile phone apps for commuters and bike enthusiasts. GPS maps, speed and heart rate stats, music… all great and awesome, but how are you supposed to handle all of that while still using two hands to ride your bike? Here are a couple of mobile phone bike […]

Celebrate the new year by getting out on your bike and taking a ride! Here’s our list of cycling events for 2011 (to be updated as we find out new events), so mark your calendars and get going! Saturday, June 18: This year is the 2nd annual Transit & Trails Triple Threat. Using only public […]

Though our previous posts have mostly been about affordable gifts to give your commuter friends and family, this list is for indulging yourself. From a city-slick bicycle to the latest 2-way convertible tablet, these gifts will be sure to bring a smile to your face as well as prepare you for a stylish new year […]