Contra Costa Air Quality

Earth Day is a chance to consider changes we can make to reduce our burden on the planet. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day, try this: pick a day this month and change up your commute and rideshare, walk, bike or take transit to work! Here’s how switching from driving alone to work – even one day a week – benefits both you and the planet: Good for the Environment: According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), taking public transportation is one of the most significant actions a household can take to reduce their carbon emissions.... Read the rest
From Autopia Nissan’s Electric Leaf Spreads the EV Gospel (via The Transportationist) “You don’t worry about the battery,” Ghosn said. “We worry about the battery.” Company CEO Carlos Ghosn is among the industry’s loudest EV evangelists, and he firmly believes the four-door, five passenger Nissan Leaf will usher in the era of cleaner, greener motoring when it goes on sale late next year. Nissan is confident the cost of the lease, plus the money you’ll pay for electricity, will for most consumers be no more expensive than buying gasoline.... Read the rest
Check out the video “Stop the Pollution, Pick a Solution,” to see what Livable Streets Education students are up to at MS 51 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. [vimeo 10785832]... Read the rest
Electric charging stations installed as part of the City of San Francisco’s Green Vehicle Showcase.... Read the rest
Is your vehicle as clean as you think it is?  Find out with this helpful website.... Read the rest
Did you know that it takes 20 minutes for the engine of your car to cool down? Suppose you are trip-linking and stop at your favorite coffee shop before going to the dry cleaners and the post office. When ordering your triple-toe-loop latte you notice the barista is backed up beyond 20 minutes. Opt for the drip and save the polluting cold start!... Read the rest