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What if someone told you there were a way to safely lock your bike with a not a key, but a smartphone app? And that this same app enables you to seamlessly borrow a friend’s bike, effectively allowing users to create their own bike-share network? And that the app alerts you if your bike has been stolen? That’s the amazing and genius concept behind BitLock, a kickstarter idea that has just reached its crowd-sourced funding goal.... Read the rest
transit app, I appreciate you A mobile app with a sense of humor, Transit App claims to support Hyperloop service, in addition to a number of local transit agencies. Photo credit: sbma44 Smartphones have quickly become a best friend for those who ride public transportation, often keeping commuters busy while riding or waiting for the bus. Of course, one of the best things about having a smartphone when taking transit is that it can let riders know when the next bus will arrive in real-time.... Read the rest
Standing room only on BART. Photo credit: Michael Patrick  In response to record levels of ridership, BART has unveiled a new feature to its online trip planning – information on the estimated levels of crowding on a train. Now when you use the BART QuickPlanner (also accessible in mobile form) it will show an icon with three heads, two heads or one head indicating “heavy crowding expected,” “moderate crowding expected,” or “light crowding expected,” respectively.... Read the rest
Hey @lyft, looking good @hollymac @dogkiwi. Catching a ride with someone via Lyft, as indicated by the car wearing an iconic pink mustache. Photo credit: lizasperling Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time. You have a smart phone, you just got out of a meeting and want to get across town. So you pull out your phone and within minutes someone comes to pick you up. What is this being described? It’s a new breed of carpool apps in action.... Read the rest
Image credit: Prashanth dotcompals In the realm of Google Maps, there’s good news for transit users, and better news for bike users. First, the good news comes in an article by Jeremy Owens of the San Jose Mercury News titled “Google Maps mobile app’s transit offerings work great for novices, but hard-core Bay Area riders will want more”. Owens shares his experience with Google’s new transit app, finding some good in it: Google has added transit lines from hundreds of cities to Google Maps as of August, and its Bay Area offerings are extensive, including small services such as the Menlo Park Midday Shuttle.... Read the rest
A couple days ago we posted about nifty mobile phone apps for commuters and bike enthusiasts. GPS maps, speed and heart rate stats, music… all great and awesome, but how are you supposed to handle all of that while still using two hands to ride your bike? Here are a couple of mobile phone bike mounts that’ll solve your problems. Unfortunately, most of the bike mounts out there are still only compatible with the iPhone.... Read the rest
Are you an avid cyclist and tech geek? Check out these apps for your ride and let us know what you think works best! For iPHONE Cychosis: This is a cycling journal that records your performance and training. Unfortunately you have to enter your ride details manually because the app doesn’t track using GPS, but that also means that your battery isn’t drained as much. ($3.99) B.iCycle: This app is good for road and mountain biking.... Read the rest
Before you start your daily commute, you can now look up what traffic collisions or roadway hazards to avoid directly on your mobile device. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has launched a new mobile application that provides real-time updates on where officers are responding along California’s roadways. Continuously updated around the clock, the traffic reports include incident time, location and whether it involves a collision, traffic hazard or lane obstruction.... Read the rest