Contra Costa Air Quality

LA Smog Tuesday, May 2nd, marked the beginning of Spare the Air season! But what does this exactly mean? Summertime is when smog becomes a major health problem here in the Bay and for the past 20 years the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, or  BAAQMD, has managed the Spare the Air program to “educate people about air pollution and to encourage them to change their behavior to improve air quality.” A layer of smog over Los Angeles.... Read the rest
Spare the Air Employer Program invites you to a FREE webinar on Teleworking. Learn how teleworking can eliminate your employees’ commute, reduce emissions and improve your bottom-line! When: Thursday, June 07, 2012 Time: 10:30 AM – 12 PM (Noon) Presenter: Elham Shirazi, Telework Expert Topics covered will include: The latest facts on teleworking Impact on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and emissions Case studies Implementation steps How to overcome objections at your workplace Please RSVP by Friday, June 01, 2012 For more information, contact Stephanie Anderson at or 510.763.2500.... Read the rest
During this time of year, we all hear about Spare the Air Days. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District puts out the call, and everyone is encouraged to leave their cars at home and take less polluting modes of transportation. How does BAAQMD decide we’re going to have a Spare the Air Day? Two things make summer Spare the Air Days special: Hot temperatures, and Low wind. When the weather is warmer, our pollutants “bake” into ground-level ozone.... Read the rest
Idling, or letting the engine run while the car is parked, is a  point of argument. How long is too long? At what point does the engine use more gas than if you just turned off the engine and restarted? Families, couples, and friends go back and forth on this, with everyone quoting different statistics and numbers. Here’s the straight truth – idling uses more fuel than you think. The general rule of thought is that if you are are waiting more than 10 seconds it’s more cost effective and cleaner to turn off your engine and restart.... Read the rest
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a Spare the Air alert for tomorrow, Wednesday September 28th. Ground-level pollution, or smog, has been forecasted to be at unhealthy levels and Bay Area residents are encouraged to cut back on air pollution. If you are sensitive to unhealthy air, you are advised to minimize the amount of time you spend outdoors. What are some ways you can spare the air?... Read the rest
Concentrations of ground-level ozone pollution are forecast to be unhealthy tomorrow, Tuesday September 20th and Wednesday, September 21st. Hot temperatures and light winds will combine to produce poor air quality for the Bay Area. To help prevent smog, please: Pledge to try an alternative or a chance to win – Carpool or vanpool with friends or co-workers Take public transportation Telecommute — work from home instead of driving to work Link necessary trips and avoid/postpone errands if possible Visit to download our FREE iSmog application for alert notifications and local air quality forecasts.... Read the rest
Are you looking for an opportunity to kickstart greener commuting at your workplace? The Great Race for Clean Air is a friendly competition between Bay Area employers to determine who will reign as the company with the best Bay Area Commuters! Register your company online to get started. Your employees and co-workers can log their commutes online from September 1 to October 31. Winners will be selected for greatest CO2 savings and for greatest participation rate.... Read the rest
Today is Spare the Air Day. When hot temperature and light winds combine to produce poor air quality for the Bay Area, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District issues a Spare the Air Day alert. To help prevent smog, please consider: carpooling or vanpooling taking transit working from home linking errands together More: Learn about our free iSmog app for iPhone Visit Read the rest
Thanks to two decades of the Bay Area Spare the Air Program, we can all breathe a little bit better this summer. The Spare the Air Program, organized by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD, “BACH-mid”), works in two ways: resources to help us protect our air, and tools to predict air quality near your home The goal: to encourage people to leave their car at home at least one day a week.... Read the rest
SAN FRANCISCO – 350Green announced its plans yesterday for a national network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Starting with its first project in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company plans to install and operate stations across urban retail shopping centers and other places near where EV drivers live and work. This approach aims to address two of the most vexing challenges facing widespread adoption of EVs: range anxiety and access to a garage for overnight charging.... Read the rest