Contra Costa Air Quality

Take Public Transit

How to plan your trip

Not sure how to get from point A to point B via public transit? The trip planner is the easiest way to plan a trip anywhere in the Bay Area.

If you’re searching for airport transportation, use this handy guide to see your options when traveling to SFO or Oakland International Airport.

Check out the realtime BART visualization of all the trains in the BART system.

Why make the switch?

A single occupant car uses more energy and creates more air pollution in just four years than a transit passenger in forty years. Leaving your car at home and using public transit instead has never been easier, especially in the Bay Area.

Ready to switch?

If you pledge to try transit as an alternative to driving alone to and/or from work we’ll give you a pre-loaded clipper card.

Alternatively, 511 Contra Costa is offering a $25 incentive to qualified commuters who make the switch from driving alone to riding the bus, taking BART, or commuting by train.

Find a Park & Ride location to fit your commute

We created an easy-to-use Contra Costa Transit Map accompanied by a comprehensive directory of all local public transit services to help you make the switch. Instantly view coverage areas and access real-time arrival information for regional rail services. Additionally you can check out this map of map of Bay Area Park & Ride locations.

‘Buy One, Get One’ Bus Passes & Commuter Cards

Riding transit is a cost-effective way to travel, but you can save even more money by taking advantage of current ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ offers. Visit the 511CC BOGO Page for more information.

Learn to ride transit

511 Contra Costa produced a video that shows you how to navigate regional transit in Contra Costa County. Its available online.

Free resources

We also encourage you to take advantage of resources like BART’s informational page on how to park at your nearest BART station and these services that provide pre-tax commuter benefits: TranBen, TransitChek, Commuter Check, and WageWorks.

Paratransit is an on-call system for anyone with a disability who can’t comfortably use fixed route services.  We’ve created a guide to using paratransit in Contra Costa County.