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Working from home allows employees to save money and time otherwise spent on their commute. Employers who offer Work-from-Home programs also benefit, through increased worker productivity, reduced illness, better employee retention, and improved morale.

Work-from-Home and Flexible Schedules

Work-from-Home allows employees to perform the duties and responsibilities of their job from an approved, alternate location, usually their home. Working from home can take place as part of a routine schedule, one or more days a week, or if a need arises.

With a flexible schedule, employees continue to report to their traditional worksite but reduce the number of days in a week they commute by compressing their work week. They may also shift their work hours to arrive and depart outside of peak commute times. 

Drive Less Commuter Incentive

Make the switch from driving alone to working from home and you can apply for the Drive Less Commuter Incentive.

Spare the Air Work-from-Home Days

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District announces upcoming Spare the Air Days when air quality is expected to be unhealthy in the region. Employers can sign up to receive notifications by text, email, or phone one day prior to a Spare the Air Day. Employers are encouraged to allow employees to work from home on Spare the Air Days, even if they don’t have a Work-from-Home program in place.  

Understanding the Work-from-Home Experience

In June 2020, 511 Contra Costa conducted a Work-from-Home experience survey, asking workers and residents in Contra Costa about their experience working from home during COVID-19. The results showed that Work-from-Home was productive, a positive experience, and that both managers and employees want to continue, at least a few days a week, post COVID.

We followed with a Return-to-Work Survey in April 2021 to learn if feelings about working from home had changed and how a return to worksites may impact traffic congestion and commute patterns. Respondents let us know that while their satisfaction with Work-from Home has diminished somewhat, they want to keep doing it. The shift to commuting to worksites, along with a shift from transit to personal vehicles for the commute, is already apparent on our congested roadways. Survey responses show that the transition to worksites has just begun, and we can anticipate that traffic congestion will continue to build.

2020 Work-from-Home Survey Results
2021 Return-to-Work Survey Results

Work-from-Home and Flex Schedule Employer Resources

511 Contra Costa has developed the following resources to help you start Work-from-Home and Flexible Work programs:

Guide to Getting Started

Sample Flexible Work Program Guidelines (PDF)

Sample Flexible Work Program Guidelines (Word)

Sample Work-from-Home Agreement (PDF)

Sample Work-from-Home Agreement (Word)

Employee Work-from-Home Best Practices

Employer Work-from-Home Best Practices

Myths of Work-from-Home

Manage employees and connect with colleagues virtually using a variety of free and paid software platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, Google Meet,, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, Uber Conference or Skype.