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Micromobility devices like shared bikes and scooters make it easy to cover short distances. They’re especially helpful in covering the ‘last mile’ between a transit station and work or any distance that’s too close to drive but too far to walk.

What is Micromobility?

Micromobility is a category of affordable, lightweight transportation ideal for trips of five miles or less and designed for individual use.  Micromobility devices can be personally owned bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters and electric skateboards, or shared bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters.  Shared micromobility options are available in the Bay Area that can be useful for:

  • Getting to or from BART without having to bring your bike with you on the train.
  • Running an errand or grabbing a bite on your lunch break when it’s too far to walk.
  • Fun, recreational trips like touring downtown.

Shared Bikes and Scooters

Bikesharing and scootersharing are ideal for short distance, point-to-point trips. Users can pick up a device from a dedicated station or by locating a dockless bike or scooter via app, take it for a ride, then return it within the system’s service area. Bikesharing and scootersharing are typically used for short trips that are often combined with other transportation modes like transit.

LEAP E-Bikeshare: Coming Soon to Richmond

E-bikes provide a safe, eco-friendly mode of active transportation for residents and visitors of Richmond. LEAP e-bikes will be able to be located and unlocked using the LEAP Mobility app. The City of Richmond’s e-bike program is a partnership with LEAP Mobility and Element LEV.

Bird Bikeshare & Scootershare: Coming Soon to Pleasant Hill and San Ramon

Bird is working with the cities of Pleasant Hill and San Ramon to bring shared bikes and scooters to Contra Costa County. The projected start of service for San Ramon is April 2023. A rollout date has yet to be set for Pleasant Hill.

Bay Wheels Bikeshare

Bay Wheels is a bikesharing system offering both bicycles and e-bikes. It combines dockless and docked bikesharing, allowing users to return their bike to a docking station or lock it to a public bike rack. Bikes are located and rented using the Lyft app. Currently, Bay Wheels bikes are available in San Francisco, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Jose.

Personal Micromobility

Biking is inexpensive, reduces traffic congestion, cuts emissions, and keeps you active.  E-bikes add to the range of a traditional bike with a pedal assist that makes hills a breeze.  Owning an e-bike puts a longer-range, easy to recharge, zero-emission, fun-to-ride micromobility option at your fingertips.

E-bike Rebate Program

Contra Costa residents who purchase an e-bike, e-bike conversion kit, or electric moped can apply for a rebate through our new program. A limited number of $300 rebates for low-income residents and $150 standard rebates are available to assist in the purchase of these clean-fuel vehicles which are a great alternative to driving.

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