Start small, make a difference. Give carpooling a chance!

Each gallon of gas you save prevents twenty pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.* What does it take to make a difference? Start a carpool! A carpool consists of you and at least one passenger, or add a member to an existing two-person carpool and save money on bridge tolls.

Need even more incentives to get started? 511 Contra Costa offers a $25 incentive to qualified commuters who decide to park their car and hop in a carpool.

Additional benefits

  • Breeze through Bay Area traffic in carpool lanes.
  • Save money by filling up less often and reducing wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Any day that you are not driving allows you to read, work, or sleep during your commute.
  • Network with your fellow carpoolers.

Need a place to park?

Leave your car at these lots and share the ride with a carpool parter heading the same direction.

Put your commute on the FasTrak

Bay Area FasTrakAs if choosing a green commute wasn’t reward enough, did you know that you can travel across the Bay Bridge and all other Bay Area bridges for only $2.50 if you share a ride? Sign up today for a FasTrak pass and drive cheaper when you take two friends along. Note that carpools on the Golden Gate Bridge pay a reduced toll of $3 with FasTrak.

Need help finding a carpool partner?

Check out the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s 511 Ridematch Tool or use social networking sites like our Twitter and Facebook pages to connect with other people and get started with a carpool. We also suggest talking to people at work, at school, and even with your neighbors to form a new carpool. Please note that 511 Ridematch is not intended to accommodate the immediate needs of stranded commuters and does not accommodate need based on financial hardship.

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Page last updated Mar 11, 2017