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21st Century Carpooling: Simpler, Cheaper, Faster

Commuting to work with someone is ridesharing; the more traditional term is carpooling. Thanks to apps, you now have several low-cost, no-commitment options for sharing a ride to work.

Special Offer – Find a ride or share your ride with the Scoop App: Not only can you take $5 off your first ride with Scoop, Contra Costa commuters traveling to select cities (including San Francisco, Oakland, Pleasanton, Fremont & the Peninsula) also automatically get $2 off every ride they take as a passenger. Since many Scoop rides are less than $7, this makes most people’s first ride free! Get the details.

$25 Reward for Carpooling

It’s true, we want to give you money for saving money. Make the switch to carpooling at least 1 day per week and we’ll give you $25 as part of our Drive Less Commuter Incentive program.
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Never Be Left Stranded

We understand that having a vehicle at work provides flexibility in case something unexpected arises. For carpool passengers we provide a Guaranteed Ride Home in the case of an unexpected home-based emergency or unscheduled overtime. We’ll reimburse those who work in Contra Costa and need to use a taxi or app-based service to get home in an emergency.   Learn More »

Driving Alone Is Expensive

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If you add up all the money you spend driving solo to work – gas, parking, tolls, wear and tear – it’s pretty substantial. It costs the average commuter over $9,000 a year! Carpooling helps reduce your costs substantially. Plus, the ability to use the HOV lanes and toll-free access to the Express Lanes will cut time off your commute.

App-Based Carpooling: Share the Ride with No Commitment

If you’ve got a smartphone (or even a tablet) sharing a ride can often be as simple as a few taps.

Join a carpool instantly with UberPOOL and Lyft Line. If you’re able to plan a little farther ahead (just a few hours), Scoop, Waze Carpool and Duet are commute-period carpooling apps which match you with a passenger or driver and offer a lower per-ride cost.

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Carpool for $1 (or Less) with Casual Carpool

Did you know there’s a no-commitment, app-free carpool option that costs about $1 per trip? It’s called Casual Carpool, and it’s as simple as showing up at one of the designated locations (from Oakland to Antioch) and grabbing a ride. Since drivers need 2 additional people in the car to use the HOV lane to cross the Bay Bridge – everyone gets to work faster. Passengers typically offer $1 to help cover gas and tolls, and people have been doing this app-free for almost 40 years.