Contra Costa Maps and Resources

Get around and get to know your city with these helpful maps and downloadable resources

Contra Costa Cities Map

A simple map with all the cities in Contra Costa County represented and links to their respective websites.


511CC’s Bike Mapper

An innovative bike mapping system specially designed to find flat, safe, and fast routes anywhere in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

View Interactive Bike Mapper

Bike Maps

We compiled a comprehensive list of web and print bike maps available for Contra Costa County and all of the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking to plan your commute or find a great route for exercise and enjoyment, you’ll find what you need in one of these maps.

View Contra Costa Bike Maps

About 511 Contra Costa

A map of our offices and the regions of Contra Costa County.

View About 511CC map

Bike Lockers in Contra Costa County

We’ve pinpointed the locations of all known public bike lockers in Contra Costa County along with directions and quantities.

View Bike Locker Map

Contra Costa Transit Map

Easily view areas of Contra Costa County serviced by transit providers overlaid with regional rail maps and real-time arrival information where available.

View Contra Costa Transit Map

Where is BART?

An interactive map showing real-time BART train locations and arrival information based on data coming in directly from BART.


Park & Ride Lots

A map showing current Park & Ride locations

Park and Ride Locations

Casual Carpool Locations

Casual Carpool has been around for almost 40 years. Find current designated locations for a no-commitment, app-free carpool option that costs about $1 per trip.

Park and Ride Locations

HOV Lanes

Skip the traffic and use the entire Bay Area HOV Lane network.

View HOV Lane Map

Parking Locations for County Employees & Visitors in Martinez

For both county employees and visitors, we created a map that easily shows where you can park your car or bicycle if you’re in Martinez, CA.