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Vanpooling lets you avoid wear and tear on your personal vehicle while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Share the ride to lower the cost of your commute and take advantage of cash incentives for vanpool passengers and drivers.

Vanpooling: Save Time, Save Money

Ridesharing is a growing trend in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation which can help you:

  • Save time by using Express Lanes and HOV lanes
  • Save money on gas and parking
  • Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle, and
  • Work, read or nap on the way to work

Joining a Vanpool

If you join a vanpool, 511 Contra Costa will pay half your costs for the first three months. To qualify, your vanpool must have a Contra Costa County origin or destination, and you cannot have been a member of a vanpool in the last six months or have claimed this benefit previously.

For Current Vanpool Riders: If you recently joined a vanpool, apply for the Vanpool Passenger Incentive.

Find a Vanpool Headed Your Way:

  • Vanpooling: Seats Available shows regional vanpool routes with available seats.
  • Dial ‘511’ on your phone and say ‘Rideshare’ to receive a free, customized list of vanpools going your way. Also, ask your employer about vanpools.

Starting a New Vanpool

It’s easier than you think. No special driver’s license is required, and 511 Contra Costa will help you lease a van.

Vanpool Lease Rebates up to $2,400

Start a new vanpool with a Contra Costa origin or destination and get up to $200 a month towards your lease payment for the first year!‡

While program funds last

Earn an Extra $1,000

Drivers who start a new vanpool and keep it on the road for at least one year could be eligible to receive a $1,000 cash bonus.*

* To qualify, the vanpool must have a Contra Costa County origin or destination, and you cannot have been a member of a vanpool in the last six months. You may only participate in this program one time.

Let Us Help

For assistance with starting a vanpool, and information on financial incentives or available pre-tax benefits for vanpooling, call (925) 973-2655 or email

Additional Vanpool Incentives Provided by 511 SF Bay

  • Find seven passengers (including the driver). 511 SF Bay will help you recruit passengers once you’ve registered your vanpool.
  • Complete the vanpool forms on 511 SF Bay’s Start Vanpool page
  • Find more tools for vanpool drivers at 511 SF Bay.

Commute With Enterprise

The Bay Area Vanpool Program has partnered with Commute With Enterprise to provide an all-inclusive option to make vanpooling easy.

A Commute With Enterprise vanpool comes with a newer model, low-mileage van or SUV, with roadside assistance and maintenance included. The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides a monthly subsidy of up to $350 for Commute With Enterprise vanpools. Click here to view details on the program, or visit the Commute With Enterprise webpage.

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