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Vanpooling: Save Time, Save Money

Ridesharing is a growing trend in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation which can help you:

  • Save time by using Express Lanes and HOV lanes
  • Save money on gas and parking
  • Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle, and
  • Work, read or nap on the way to work

Joining a Vanpool

If you join a vanpool, 511 Contra Costa will pay half your costs for the first three months. To qualify, your vanpool must have a Contra Costa County origin or destination, and you cannot have been a member of a vanpool in the last six months or have claimed this benefit previously.

For Current Vanpool Riders: If you recently joined a vanpool, apply for the Vanpool Passenger Incentive.

Find a Vanpool Headed Your Way:

  • Vanpooling: Seats Available shows regional vanpool routes with available seats.
  • Dial ‘511’ on your phone and say ‘Rideshare’ to receive a free, customized list of vanpools going your way. Also, ask your employer about vanpools.

Starting a New Vanpool

It’s easier than you think. No special driver’s license is required, and 511 Contra Costa will help you lease a van.

Vanpool Lease Rebates up to $2400

Start a new vanpool with a Contra Costa origin or destination and get up to $200 a month towards your lease payment for the first year!‡

While program funds last

Earn an Extra $1,000

Drivers who start a new vanpool and keep it on the road for at least one year could be eligible to receive a $1,000 cash bonus.*

* To qualify, the vanpool must have a Contra Costa County origin or destination, and you cannot have been a member of a vanpool in the last six months. You may only participate in this program one time.

Let Us Help

For assistance with starting a vanpool, and information on financial incentives or available pre-tax benefits for vanpooling, call (925) 973-2655 or email

Additional Vanpool Incentives Provided by 511 SF Bay

  • Find seven passengers (including the driver). 511 SF Bay will help you recruit passengers once you’ve registered your vanpool.
  • Complete the vanpool forms on 511 SF Bay’s Start Vanpool page
  • Find more tools for vanpool drivers at 511 SF Bay.

Commute With Enterprise

The Bay Area Vanpool Program has partnered with Commute With Enterprise to provide an all-inclusive option to make vanpooling easy.

A Commute With Enterprise vanpool comes with a newer model, low-mileage van or SUV, with roadside assistance and maintenance included. The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides a monthly subsidy of up to $350 for Commute With Enterprise vanpools. Click here to view details on the program, or visit the Commute With Enterprise webpage.

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