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Below is the anticipated schedule of upcoming westbound ramp and lane closures associated with work on the Caldecott Fourth Bore Project. Please note that inclement weather may cause schedule changes.

For the Week of April 16-20, 2012:

Monday, April 16 – Thursday, April 19:

  • Overnight Westbound Fish Ranch Road Onramp Closures (in Orinda): Occurring nightly, 9 PM – 5 AM
  • Overnight Closures of right lanes on Westbound State Route 24 from Camino Pablo Onramp (in Orinda) to Bore Three (towards Oakland): Occurring nightly, 9:30 PM – 4 AM
  • Overnight Bore Three Closures (towards Oakland): Occurring nightly, 10 PM – 4 AM

Friday, April 20:

Please note: On Friday night (April 20) closures of the above lanes and ramps are planned to begin one hour later than the Monday-Thursday schedule. The anticipated reopening times are:

  • Westbound Fish Ranch Road Onramp in Orinda expected to reopen at 8 AM on Saturday, April 21.
  • Westbound State Route 24 right lanes between Camino Pablo onramp in Orinda and Bore #3 expected to reopen at 7 AM on Saturday, April 21.
  • Bore #3 (towards Oakland) expected to reopen at 7 AM on Saturday, April 21.

In addition to the excavation of a 3,400-foot-long tunnel north of the existing three bores, the $391.8 million Caldecott Fourth Bore Project includes traffic improvements on the eastern and western sides of the tunnel.

For more information on the upcoming closures visit the Caldecott Tunnel Traffic Page.