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Senior Drivers at Risk

Last week the AAA launched Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in order to help seniors, as well as friends and family, learn more about road safety. According to the AAA Northern California ¬†and highway transportation administration, senior drivers are at high risk due to “age-related frailties,” which make them “more vulnerable to injury or death.”
More and more seniors are driving each year- and at longer distances- which increases the need for awareness. The AAA, as well as many local senior centers, offer workshops that “cover a range of issues related to senior driving, including impacts of medications, how to maintain good reflexes, safe driving tips, rules of the road and ways to take advantage of modern car settings.”
If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about road safety for older drivers, please visit the AAA’s website. You can also check out our Seniors page, which provides a map of Contra Costa County bus and Dial-a-Ride options, or dial 511 on your phone and say “paratransit” to find a local program that works best for you.

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