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October 2020

NEW! E-Bike Rebates up to $300

If you’ve ever seen a cyclist zooming up a hill with no real effort, they were likely on an electric bicycle or “e-bike”. An e-bike’s fun factor, zero-emission status, motor-assisted cruising speeds, and low lifetime costs make it ideal for replacing local car trips while allowing physical distancing.

511 Contra Costa is offering a limited number of $150 standard and $300 low-income e-bike rebates to Contra Costa residents for e-bikes purchased on or after October 1, 2020 on a first-come, first-served basis. Our new program aims to help people gain access to two-wheeled battery-assisted transportation and reduce the need for a car.

Complete program rules and details at

Help to Transform Tri Delta Transit

If you live, work, or travel in eastern Contra Costa County, Tri Delta Transit needs your help. Give them the community input they need to transform their service. Design your ideal transit system using their interactive game and survey to shop for the transit improvements that matter most to you. Give your input and be entered to win one of three $35 Amazon gift cards.

For more information, visit

HOV Lanes Open for Business

Thanks to the early completion of five miles of new HOV lanes, there’s now a continuous 25-mile carpool-express lane on I-680 between Martinez and San Ramon. The new lanes are already in use, open to carpoolers and eligible clean air vehicles!

As a carpool, you can travel in HOV lanes at any time, and drive toll-free in the Express Lanes from 5am-8am Monday through Friday—provided you have a FasTrak Flex toll tag. Learn more about FasTrak.

If you’d like to start a carpool, but worry about COVID-19-related safety, you can start a buddy carpool with family, a coworker, or a neighbor. Just follow the CDC’s complete recommendations for safer carpooling.

Just for Fun: Happy Halloween

Contra Costa Health Services recommends celebrating Halloween at a distance, so this year it’s all about the pumpkins! Instead of a traditional jack-o’-lantern, try carving something different—possibly your favorite form of clean-air transportation.

You can draw a design on your pumpkin prior to cutting, or go online and print out a design to use as a stencil. If you’re a fan of BART trains, try one of the handy BARTable Halloween Stencils.

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