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BART Announces a Limited Rollout of TransLink

translink_largeThis Monday BART announced it has started a limited rollout of TransLink fare payments. Everyone has been expecting a soft launch like this from BART at some point but it seemed like it would never actually happen.
The TransLink project has gained a lot of clout lately  with BART and Muni on board.  Next up is Caltrain which will rollout TransLink payments on August 17th. The possibility of a universal Bay Area transit card is finally starting to seem like a reality. Translink is also currently available on AC Transit, Dumbarton Express, and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry.
TransLink is still not officially supported by BART and TransLink users attempting to ride BART are asked to always have an alternate payment method available as the system is in the early stages of launch and the kinks are still being worked out.
From the BART Website:

“Anyone else with a TransLink card is welcome to use it on BART during this limited rollout period, as long as they have a TransLink card loaded with sufficient e-cash (electronic cash), an adult Muni Fast Pass, or a BART High Value Discount ticket (which can only be added online at You can sign up for a TransLink card at any time through the TransLink website.
Because passengers are always responsible for fare payment, please be sure to bring along other means of payment such as an EZ Rider card, a BART blue ticket or cash as a backup during the limited rollout of TransLink on BART.

For more information on the TransLink/BART launch check out the BART news page, the SFGATE article on the BART TransLink launch and the TransLink website.

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