About the 511CC Bike Mapper

511CC’s Bike Mapper is the innovative and open bicycle mapping system specially designed to find flat, safe, and fast routes anywhere in Contra Costa County.

Avoid the elevation. Contra Costa County has some hilly terrain. Since we couldn’t find a bike mapper that lets you choose flatter routes over slightly longer routes, we had one made. The 511CC Bike Mapper automatically gives you an elevation profile for your ride to help you prepare for the hills.


Safety is a priority. As any pedestrian or cyclist knows, it’s not just hills that matter. In a region with a lot of traffic, you’ll want to stay on bike paths or lanes whenever possible if you are uncomfortable with on-street cycling. The 511CC Bike Mapper gives the flattest AND the most bike-friendly ways to get around as possible. (Bike-friendly means that the 511CC Bike Mapper will find options that include as many bike paths and trails located along your route.)

A Direct Route vs Bike-Friendly. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and our simple interface automatically chooses nine routes for you to select from, ranging from the most bike friendly and most flat to the most direct route and steepest. It’s easy to choose among three hill tolerances and three levels of bike routes to find a path that’s right for you.

It is Open Source. The 511CC Bike Mapper back-end and front-end code is completely open. Plus, all our data is from Open Street Maps, so you can edit the underlying map if you think there’s a better route.

The 511 Contra Costa Bike Mapper is cutting edge. The 511CC Bike Mapper has some tricks like automatic browser location detection for smartphones or wireless laptops that we think you’ll like.

Why is the 511 Contra Costa Bike Mapper unique? There are a number of other bike mapping services that work in the Bay Area, and they’re all pretty good, however the 511CC Bike Mapper is the only mapper to give you a complete elevation profile for your trip and allow you to choose from nine pre-computed routes. It’s also the only bike mapper that focuses on Contra Costa County with a feature to view where bicycle lockers along your route. We encourage you to try out other bike mappers, and if you find some neat features someone else has implemented which you’d like to see on the 511CC Bike Mapper, let us know.

What are you waiting for? Try the 511CC Bike Mapper now!