Guaranteed Ride Home FAQ | 511 Contra Costa

Guaranteed Ride Home FAQ

How do I get started?

Just pre-register in the free program.

When can I use Guaranteed Ride Home?

The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program can be used on days that you commute to work in a carpool or vanpool, on public transit, by walking or biking AND a family illness, unexpected change in work schedule or other similar emergency prevents you from getting your regular ride home.

How often can I use the Guaranteed Ride Home program?

Each registered commuter can receive a maximum of six GRH reimbursements per calendar year (January-December).

Do you always reimburse 100% of the cost home?

The first two trips each calendar year are reimbursed at 100% to a maximum of $150 each. The remaining four trips are reimbursed at 75% to a maximum of $100 each.

What options do I have for my emergency trip home?

We will accept reimbursement requests for trips using ridehailing services like Uber or Lyft, a taxi, bike rental or public transit (if it is not how you arrived to work). Car rentals may be eligible for reimbursement if no other means are reasonably available.

I thought the program was free, why do I have to pay for my ride home?

The program provides a reimbursement for your trip. Submit your reimbursement request through your GRH account within 30 days of the trip and we will reimburse you for eligible trips.

Will I be reimbursed for driver tips?

We will reimburse for the trip cost only. Tipping is at your discretion and expense.

I took transit home. Can that be reimbursed?

We will reimburse for a transit trip if it is not how you normally commute. If you carpool or vanpool for example, and you need to leave to attend to a sick child before your carpool or vanpool is scheduled to leave, we will reimburse your transit ride home. If you arrive to work on BART, we will not reimburse a return ride home on BART.

What if I need a ride to work, not home from work?

A ride to work is not an eligible use of the GRH program.

Do I need to get approval for a trip home before I take it?

No. If you are pre-registered, used a method other than driving alone to get to work and have an emergency that prevents you from returning home by your usual means, you are eligible for a Guaranteed Ride Home. Simply schedule your trip. When you submit reimbursement, we will verify that it was an eligible trip before we reimburse you.

I’m ready to submit reimbursement for my Guaranteed Ride Home trip, but I don’t remember my account password. What do I do?

Go to the Guaranteed Ride Home login, enter your email address and select ‘Forgot password’. Instructions for resetting your password will be sent to you by email.