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Pleasant Hill BART station to begin charging for parking on Feb. 22

On February 22nd, parking will no longer be free at BART’s Pleasant Hill station. Between 4 AM and 3 PM on weekdays, a dollar a day will be required. Drivers, carpoolers and riders of other transit systems all must pay the $1 fee. At other times, parking will remain free.
Drivers may pay the $1 daily fee a number of ways:
EZ Rider Card
For those with an EZ Rider Card, touch the card to the sensor on the EZ Rider parking validation machine.
To obtain an E-Z Rider card, go online to After signing up, drivers will receive a plastic hang tag that must be visibly attached to the rear view mirror.

BART Ticket or Cash
Riders must note their parking stall number and use the addfare/parking validation machines to pay $1 either by inserting a BART ticket or cash.
Pleasant Hill is one of eight BART stations affected by a decision made by the BART board last May to change parking fees. The step is only one of many the agency is undertaking in hopes of alleviating its financial difficulties. Others include considering raising the transbay surcharge and eliminating 74 positions.
Pleasant Hill commuters: what do you think of the new fee? Leave a comment or question below.
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