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Take Public Transit

Taking the bus, train, or ferry to work helps reduce emissions and traffic congestion. It also allows you to relax, read, or even nap during your commute.

Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, AC Transit, San Francisco Bay Ferry, and BART have all introduced measures to ensure a safe operating environment for passengers and staff. These measures include touchless fare payment, frequent cleaning, face mask requirements, and physical distancing. Passengers can do their part by wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, and allowing adequate space between their fellow passengers.

Plan Your Trip

Ready to SWITCH?

Pledge to try transit instead of driving alone to and/or from work and we’ll give you a free, pre-loaded $20 Clipper card.

Riding transit is already cost-effective, but you can save even more money with our Buy One, Get One Free offers.

Make the switch from driving alone to taking transit and you can apply for the Drive Less Commuter Incentive.

Free Transit Services

Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill offer some free transit routes and shuttles. Check out our list of free transit routes in Contra Costa County.

Tri MyRide: On-Demand Neighborhood Shuttle Service

Available in the Hillcrest (Antioch) and San Marco (Pittsburg) neighborhoods

Tri Delta Transit offers on-demand shuttle service to two neighborhoods: Hillcrest in Antioch and San Marco in Pittsburg.

To use the service, riders first download the Tri MyRide app, then use it to schedule their pickup. The shuttles serve BART and local shopping areas, so a scheduled trip must either start or end at one of those designated locations. This means someone could be picked up at home and taken to BART, or be picked up at a shopping area and taken to anyplace in the neighborhood service area.

The shuttle runs 5am-9pm Monday-Friday and is $2 per trip or free with a valid Tri Delta Transit Pass. For more details, visit TriMyRide.com.


Paratransit is an on-call system for anyone with a disability who can’t comfortably use fixed route services. Use our guide to using paratransit in Contra Costa County.

Why make the switch?

10:1 Pollution: What is 10:1? A solo driver uses more energy and creates more air pollution in just four years than a transit passenger would in 40 years.

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