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Carpool with the Scoop App: Special Offer for Contra Costa Residents

Save time and money by turning your solo drive into a carpool with the Scoop app! Not only is every first ride free, but on every qualifying trip, passengers save $2 and drivers earn $2. There are also ways to get guaranteed BART parking and additional Scoop credit – read on!

The Basics

You provide Scoop the time you plan to travel along with your starting point and destination, and the app connects you with another commuter headed your way. If you’re traveling across the Bay Bridge, the app connects you with two people. If you are a Contra Costa resident and your trip’s origin or destination is in Contra Costa County, it qualifies for the $2 incentive! And if it’s your first carpool as a passenger, the app will automatically make the free trip free – no codes or coupons required.

The Details

Download the Scoop app for iPhone or Android, then enter your home address and usual destination. On a trip-by-trip basis, you’ll enter your commute details. At the scheduling deadline (9 pm the night before the morning commute or 3:30 pm the day of the afternoon commute) Scoop will connect commuters to create safe and efficient carpools. All payments are handled inside the app, as well as directions and contact details for the trip, and your ride home is guaranteed. The trip cost depends on the distance traveled, but most trips are a few dollars.

Special Offer for Contra Costa Residents

511 Contra Costa wants to encourage people to share the ride, so Contra Costa residents who use Scoop to carpool to or from Contra Costa, we’ll credit you $2 for every trip you make. For passengers, the $2 credit will be applied to the trip, while drivers will be able to cash out their earned credit. Carpools traveling to Concord BART, Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre BART, Orinda BART and Dublin/Pleasanton BART Stations will also receive guaranteed parking (until 10am) and will park at no charge.

Earning the $2 trip credit is easy

1. Download the Scoop app

2. Enter your account information

3. Use the Scoop app to carpool

Even Better

Get an additional $5 in Scoop credit towards your first ride with the code CCTA05.