Contra Costa Air Quality

Do you use the North Concord/Martinez or Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station? Live or work in East County? BART wants your input! With plans to expand East Contra Costa service in 2018, BART is conducting a study to identify projects to improve access to stations for pedestrians, bikes, vehicles and transit. They’ve drafted a preliminary document identifying barriers and proposing improvements, and now they want to hear from you! For more information or to submit feedback, visit the North Concord to Antioch BART Study webpage.... Read the rest
bartlogo Monday, September 14, was the first day for BART’s new train schedule, designed to provide crowding relief while the Bay waits for the Fleet of the Future to arrive.  The number of cars scheduled to be in service during the rush hours will be at a record high, with additional improvements provided during non-peak hours. Service Improvement Highlights Rush hour trains added to Pittsburg/Bay Point to SFO line Richmond to Millbrae line direct weekday service extended to 9pm Train cars added during rush hours to all other transbay routes The elimination of the three car train More show-up-and-go service for BART to OAK Pittsburg/Bay Point Line All rush hour Pittsburg/Bay Point- San Francisco International Airport (SFO) line trains, which operate end-to-end, will be lengthened to the maximum length of 10 cars.... Read the rest
Over, Under, and Around San Francisco (1976) BART. The world’s most sophisticated rapid transit? Bay Area map maker and enthusiast Eric Fischer recently uploaded this 1976 BART brochure touting how its 2,000 employees care about its passengers. The brochure text is reads: “BART invites you to join us on the  world’s most sophisticated rapid transit. BART is a space age transit system with over 2,000 people who care about you and it’s the most convenient way to get over, around, and under the Bay Area in minutes.” The brochure goes on to describe how to access BART and the cost of parking at BART stations (which was free with the exception of the Lake Merritt Station, which would set you back 25 cents per day).... Read the rest
Image credit: Lorraine Blanco The last BART strike occurred in 1997 and lasted 6 days. Here is a list of transportation resources during a continued BART strike. Getting Around KQED put together a great post of transportation alternatives listed by agency. Options ranging from carpooling, biking, taking the bus, ferries and trains are all covered. If you are driving, visit for traffic information. Visit for information getting to and from SFO and OAK.... Read the rest
Northbound BART train in Marin County leaving Sausalito (February, 1961) 1961, a northbound BART train leaves Sausalito… in rendering form. Image credit: Eric Fischer A lot of people wish the Bay Area’s widely popular rapid transit system would extend northwest into Marin; it’s a topic that has been discussed among Bay Area commuters and politicians since the 1940’s. So why hasn’t it happened?  SF.Curbed recently covered the history of  proposals and potential routes to extend BART into Marin, it’s well  worth a read.... Read the rest
Standing room only on BART. Photo credit: Michael Patrick  In response to record levels of ridership, BART has unveiled a new feature to its online trip planning – information on the estimated levels of crowding on a train. Now when you use the BART QuickPlanner (also accessible in mobile form) it will show an icon with three heads, two heads or one head indicating “heavy crowding expected,” “moderate crowding expected,” or “light crowding expected,” respectively.... Read the rest
San Francisco is full of hustle and bustle. Have you ever wondered what that looks like through the eyes of public transit? Youtube user SLT Transit put together a time-lapse video of transit activity over a typical day in San Francisco that demonstrates through its mesmerizing patterns how vital public transit is to city’s transportation system. Check out the video below: Recognize your bus route? Video credit: SLT Transit... Read the rest
Image credit: David Yu 511CC’s 2012 Year in Review From the Caldecott Tunnel breakthrough to Bay Area transit agencies celebrating milestones for service, 2012 was a great year for biking, transit and transportation. Here are some of this year’s top stories. Top Tweets Some of our most popular tweets (number of link clicks) in 2012 linked to these articles: Image credit: Eric Fischer For your viewing pleasure – BART stats on a map BART app map Caldecott Fourth Bore Medallion Design Competition (view winning and honorable mention entries here) Bay Bridge demolition will last longer than first projected BART introduces new automated Twitter feed for service advisories A book shelf for your bike How can cities make life easier for the elderly?... Read the rest