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Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore 8th Anniversary

On this day in 2013, the Fourth Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel had its official opening. At the time of the groundbreaking on January 22, 2010, the Fourth Bore had the distinction of being the largest American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Stimulus project in the nation, in terms of dollars allocated. Since the ribbon cutting in 2013, the Fourth Bore has improved mobility for motorists and emergency crews, reduced delays and improved travel times, eliminated the need for daily tunnel reversals and lane merges, and enhanced safety of the traveling public and Caltrans maintenance workers.

To celebrate the Caldecott Tunnel’s anniversary, here are some facts and figures about the project, as well as some photos. For more about the Fourth Bore, visit the CCTA website.

BART to Oakland Airport Connector Test Train Unveiled (2014)

BART officials today excitedly unveiled a test train for the 3.2-mile elevated tramway connector from the Oakland Coliseum station to the Oakland airport that’s scheduled to begin service in the fall. The Oakland airport connector train will enhance access to the airport using BART.
BART officials said the fares are expected to be roughly equivalent to the current $3 AirBART buses.   The connector, which will travel at about 30 mph, will run above Hegenberger Road and replace the current AirBART buses, which drive through nine intersections on local streets. The tramway travel time between the Coliseum BART station and the Airport will take approximately 9 minutes and depart every 4 minutes.  Compared to the current 20-25 minute AirBART bus trip, that’s quite a time-savings.  “There will be a guarantee of the time that will be involved,” BART General Manager Grace Crunican said.
Four three-car trains will operate on the connector, with each train able to carry up to 150 passengers. Tom Dunscombe, the project manager for the connector, said the trains will be light and “elegant” because they won’t have motors, as the motors are in the wheelhouse. Dunscombe said the connector will be “really reliable,” with a projected on-time performance of 99.5 percent, because there will be redundant motors and gearboxes. He said if the trains become crowded, BART will have the option of adding a fourth car to the trains in the future. Full story.