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RIchmond Bridge Bike and Pedestrian Path

Plans are underway to build a separated bike/pedestrian path on the upper deck of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. As part of a four-year Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTC) pilot project, the shoulders on the upper and lower decks of the bridge will be converted to a bike/pedestrian path and a traffic lane, respectively. The bike/pedestrian path […]

People for Bikes is currently rolling out a national ad campaign called ‘Travel With Care‘. According to their site, “The campaign’s message is built around bettering behavior by both people in cars and on bikes by asking them to travel with care and to ‘melt icy relations on the road.’” This isn’t the first ad […]

With California’s Three Feet for Safety law now in effect, we thought we’d present an overview of California laws designed to help drivers and cyclists share the road safely Motorists & Cyclists Rights and Responsibilities: Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Both have the right to use the roadway; both are responsible for signaling […]

Diablo residents know that cyclists use their community to access or egress  the south side of Mt. Diablo.  Some residents have voiced their desire to gate Diablo in the past. Residents are asking that cyclists obey the rules of the road which  means ride single file, obey the 20 mph signs, stop at stop signs, […]