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Going Electric: Learn About EV & E-Bike Incentives with Zoom Webinars Jan. 20-28

If you’re considering making the switch to driving (or biking) electric, Drive Clean Bay Area is hosting a series of virtual events this month to help you find the right electric vehicle for your budget and lifestyle.

All these events are online, free, and open to the public:

  • January 20th, 7pm – New Year, New Ride – Join Drive Clean Bay Area to review the basics of going electric, like available EV and e-bike models, incentives, and how to charge at home and on the road. You’ll also have the chance to chat with EV and e-bike owners and ask questions in breakout rooms.
  • January 21st, 7pm – EV Financial Incentives Clinic (Taller de Incentivos Financieros Para Vehículos Eléctricos) – A deep dive into the many financial assistance programs available to income-qualifying consumers. (English and Spanish)
  • January 28th, 4pm – EV 101: Electrify Your Ride – A review of available electric vehicles, charging, incentives, total cost of ownership, and a chance to hear from EV owners.

If you have questions and can’t make it to one of these Zoom webinars, email Drive Clean Bay Area at info@drivecleanbayarea.org.  You can also check their events page for more events coming in February.

E-Bike Rebate: If you do purchase an e-bike or have an e-bike conversion kit professionally installed, be sure to apply for a rebate from 511 Contra Costa. Rebates of $150 and $300 are available while supplies last. Learn more at 511cc.org/rebate.

California Passes E-Bike Law (2015)

In October, Governor Brown signed legislation into law which clarifies how electric bicycles (e-bikes) should be operated in the state of California.
The law, which takes effect January 1, creates three classes of e-bikes. Class 1 consists of pedal-assist e-bikes while Class 2 consists of e-bikes with throttles. Both classes are limited to motor-assisted speeds of 20 miles per hour and will be allowed to use the same lanes, paths & roadways as traditional (non-electric) bicycles.

Class 3 consists of pedal-assist bikes which can reach assisted speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. This class is restricted to roadways and bike lanes on roadways – they are not permitted on bike paths. Helmets for Class 3 e-bikes are mandatory and riders must be at least 16 years old to use them.
The new law is designed to ensure that e-bikes are treated like traditional bicycles instead of mopeds. As with traditional bicycles, no one riding an e-bike from any of the three classes will be required to have a driver’s license or license plate for their bicycle.
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