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Caltrans closed the bicycle lane at the eastbound on-ramp to Fish Ranch Road. Bicycles were allowed on the freeway shoulder between the Fish Ranch Road on-ramp and the Wilder Road off-ramp. However, Caltrans is installing a drainage pipe along the shoulder and must close the bike lane to facilitate the work. Caltrans anticipates that the […]

Caltrans will close lanes 3 and 4 (two right lanes) of Westbound Rte. 24 and the Third Bore between 10PM and 4AM on Monday and Tuesday nights, September 20-21, 2010. In addition, the Fish Ranch Road on-ramp and off-ramp will be closed between 10PM and 5AM. Caltrans will close lanes 1 and 2 (two left […]

According to, the far right lane (#4) of westbound Route 24, before to the Caldecott Tunnel will be closed Tuesday night, July 13. The closure at 7:30 PM, with full closure in place by 8:30 PM. The closure will be until 4:00 AM. Also, the Fish Ranch Road off-ramp and on-ramp will be closed […]

According to, Caltrans crews added sections of concrete barrier to the southern edge of the pavement on Fish Ranch Road, adjacent to the area where the new retaining wall is being built. The barrier will prevent errant vehicles from traveling off the pavement over the steep hillside. Source: •