Contra Costa Air Quality

A major update is in the works for Google’s Maps relative to transit directions could be very exciting. As noted on Human Transit, key changes are being made to Google’s transit directions, including: Offering alternatives based on frequency of transit lines Mapping other transit lines in the area along one’s route Accounting for lines whose paths duplicate service over a section of a trip Imagine using Google Maps for transit to map your transit trip.... Read the rest
Image credit: Prashanth dotcompals In the realm of Google Maps, there’s good news for transit users, and better news for bike users. First, the good news comes in an article by Jeremy Owens of the San Jose Mercury News titled “Google Maps mobile app’s transit offerings work great for novices, but hard-core Bay Area riders will want more”. Owens shares his experience with Google’s new transit app, finding some good in it: Google has added transit lines from hundreds of cities to Google Maps as of August, and its Bay Area offerings are extensive, including small services such as the Menlo Park Midday Shuttle.... Read the rest
Last week was a big week for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. On Wednesday, it reached a construction milestone as the first section of its Self-Anchored Suspension Span (SAS) was lifted into place. On Thursday, Caltrans and Google held a joint press conference (also webcast live) to announce a partnership involving Google Earth. Users who have the program installed can now see completed portions of the Bay Bridge in 3D, as well as sections that have yet to be added.... Read the rest