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Students from Deer Valley High School’s Television Class produced a three-minute¬†video on driver safety and awareness. Street Smarts Diablo Region and the CHP partnered with the Deer Valley High, in Antioch, to unveil the video today. See the Contra Costa Times covered the unveiling and wrote an¬†article.

Things you need to know when getting a children’s bicycle, and how you can lose 13 pounds your first year when biking to work. [View the story “This Week’s Headlines in Transportation and Transit: Dec. 10-16, 2011” on Storify]


This year’s Walk to School Day, which is organized by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, is coming up soon! October 7 to be precise. You can register for the event here. Walking to school is not only fun, but also great for the environment and your kid’s health. The more people we […]