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California Clean Air Day – October 6

October 6 is California Clean Air Day – an annual day of action to improve air quality across California. Small actions on your part can help make a big difference.

The Pledge

One of the key elements of the event is the Clean Air Pledge. By taking it, individuals and organizations commit to doing their part to help clean the air on October 6, through actions both big and small.

If you take the Clean Air Pledge as an individual or household, you select actions to take from three main categories: Switching Things Out, Planting Something, and Reducing Vehicle Use. For example, you might choose to change your home air filter, plant a tree, or take public transit to work instead of driving. How many action items you choose is completely up to you.

Here’s a sample of actions you can choose from:

There’s also a Clean Air Pledge for Kids (with more actions to choose from on the website):

Organizations and businesses can take the pledge, choosing which business practices to modify and educational efforts to undertake for Clean Air Day. Not only will participating organizations be listed on the Clean Air Day website, but employers can get a count of how many employees have decided to take the Clean Air Pledge as individuals.

Local Events

The California Clean Air Day website has a list of events, some leading up to October 6 and some on Clean Air Day. Here are some events happening locally:

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved in California Clean Air Day, here are some ideas:

Every Little Bit Helps

No matter how small you might think an action is, like not idling your engine or adding a plant to your office, it all adds up. Contributing to better air quality is easier than you might think. So consider taking the Clean Air Pledge an committing to at least one action on October 6 and be an active part of California Clean Air Day.