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Transit Passes: Buy One, Get One Free

Stretch your commuting dollar by taking advantage of our ‘Buy One, Get One’ offers! 511 Contra Costa has partnered with county transit agencies to offer two-for-one deals on the following cards and passes:


  • WestCAT – 31-Day Lynx Transbay Pass
  • Tri Delta Transit – Commuter 20-Ride Pass
  • SolTrans – Monthly Pass for Routes 78 & 80
  • Fairfield & Suisun Transit – 31-day pass for SolanoExpress Green Express Line or Blue Line.

Taking advantage of the offer is easy – just download a form & apply. You’ll find application forms, including offer details, on the 511 Contra Costa Promotions Page.

Tri Delta Transit 2012 CommuterPass Promo

Update: All passes have been distributed and Tri Delta Transit and 511 Contra Costa are no longer accepting applications for CommuterPass™.

Do you commute from or within Eastern Contra Costa County by car? If you do, and you’d like some financial relief and a more relaxing commute, Tri Delta Transit’s CommuterPass promo may be for you!

CommuterPass is a Tri Delta Transit trial program which offers free public bus passes to East Contra Costa County residents as a means of encouraging bus use for commuting. For those that don’t know, Tri Delta Transit offers an array of services that can help popular commutes, including:

  • 13 daily bus routes serving East Contra Costa County
  • 12 routes serving BART
  • Limited-stop express service between Brentwood and BART

To partake in the promotion, just apply and you could receive a free 20-day bus pass! CommuterPass applications are available online at Tri Delta Transit and over 12,000 applications will be distributed through the mail. Applications are also available from Tri Delta Transit’s administrative office by calling (925) 754-6622.
Interested but not sure if transit is convenient and compatible with your commute, check out Tri Delta Transit’s trip planner. For those that don’t have a bus stop close to home, Park & Ride lots may be for you.

But don’t wait to act, the promotion will end December 31, 2012!

Caldecott Tunnel Trivia Contest!

<strong>The Caldecott Tunnel Trivia Contest has now ended. Congratulations to all of <a href=”#winners”>our winners</a> who won $10 to Peet’s and thanks to all who participated!</strong>
For updates on the Caldecott Tunnel construction, check out our Caldecott Blog.
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<img class=”aligncenter” style=”width: 500px; margin-top: 20px;” src=”” alt=”” />
<a name=”winners”></a><h2>Previous questions and winners</h2>
<strong><a href=””>Question 1 (deadline: October 20, 2011)</a></strong>
The topheading from both the east and the west is being excavated now, and that work will be followed by the bench, or bottom portion.
<strong>Q:</strong> Why is the top section of the tunnel being excavated first?
<strong>A:</strong> By excavating the top section of the tunnel first the miners maintain better control of the surrounding rock, which allows more efficient tunneling.
<strong>Winner:</strong> Roxanne R.
<strong><a href=””>Question 2 (deadline: November 3, 2011)</a></strong>
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is composed of four construction contracts. The project to build the Fourth Bore tunnel is by far the largest but several other contracts are included that improve traffic flow in the area. These include:
Kay Street Project
Route 24/Highway 13 Interchange Project­
<strong>Q:</strong> What is the 4th contract?
<strong>A:</strong> Landscaping Project
<strong>Winner:</strong> Stephanie V.
<strong><a href=””>Question 3 (deadline: November 21, 2011)</a></strong>
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is one of the nation’s largest ARRA investments with the receipt in $180 million in ARRA funds.
<strong>Q:</strong> What is the second largest source of funding for the project?
<strong>A:</strong> Contra Costa Measure J accounts for $122.5 million of the project’s funding. Contra Costa voters passed the Transportation Expenditure Plan in November 2004.
<strong>Winner:</strong> Thomas S.
<strong><a href=””>Question 4 (deadline: December 5, 2011)</a></strong>
The Caldecott Tunnel traverses a heavily traveled portion of State Route 24 between Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
<strong>Q:</strong> How many vehicles travel through the Caldecott tunnel every day?
<strong>A:</strong> State Route 24 carries about 160,000 vehicles per day traveling through the three tunnels. The new fourth bore will relieve congestion in the off-peak direction (eastbound in the morning and westbound in the afternoon), and eliminate the need to switch the direction of traffic flow in the middle bore to accommodate shifting traffic demands.
<strong>Winner:</strong> Julie D.
<strong><a href=””>Question 5 (deadline: December 19, 2011)</a></strong>
The Fourth Bore Project recently celebrated a major milestone with the tunnel “breakthrough”.
<strong>Q:</strong> What does this significant milestone represent for the project?
<strong>A:</strong> Breakthrough marks the completion of topheading excavation and demonstrates the tremendous progress the project has made since tunneling began. For more information about the breakthrough visit the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Fourth Bore website</a>.
<strong>Winner:</strong> Karen H.