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The Text-Your-Commute Challenge 2018 is now closed You can start the Text-Your-Commute challenge anytime through October 15th! For additional information, read through the challenge rewards, eligibility and program rules below. Do you currently drive alone? Are you tired of sitting in traffic? Try out a different commute & get rewarded with the Contra Costa Text-Your-Commute Challenge! The Challenge is a fun and exciting opportunity to explore alternative modes of transportation to get to/from work.... Read the rest
You’ve probably noticed that traffic congestion in the Bay Area is as bad as it’s ever been, starting at 5 o’clock each morning. Congestion isn’t expected to get better anytime soon and is increasing faster than population and employment. So if you’ve been considering making the switch from commuting alone by car, now is the perfect time! Here are 6 great reasons to make this the month you change up your commute: #1: ‘Drive Less’ Commuter Incentive: Make the switch from driving alone to carpooling, taking transit, bicycling or walking for your commute even one day a week and 511 Contra Costa will give you a cash reward as part of the Drive Less Commuter Incentive Program.... Read the rest
Staff recently visited the Hilton Concord as part of the Contra Costa Green Business Program certification process.  We were delighted to learn that the Hilton encourages both hotel employees and guests to think about using alternative ways of traveling. Hilton employees are eligible for pre-tax commuter benefits to pay for transit expenses Nearly all employees live within a 10 mile radius of the hotel Around 50% of employees  take the bus, bike or walk to work.... Read the rest
Calling all student artists! We need your creative talent to design a cool graphic to be featured on the 511 Contra Costa reusable bag that is distributed across Central and East Contra Costa County.  The winning artist will receive a $50 gift card to the movies and his/her artwork featured in the latest edition of our reusable bag! What is the theme? “Explore New Ways to Get Around”: carpool, transit, bike, skateboard and walk.  ... Read the rest
DSC_0031 (Two people enjoying the toll-free, bicycle-pedestrian path along the new Bay Bridge span.  Photo credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin) The bicycle and pedestrian path along the new East Bay span of the Bay Bridge has proved incredibly popular, even though one still can’t completely reach San Francisco by bicycle or foot. People just really like recreating outdoors, enjoying breath-taking views in one of the most beautiful parts of California– who knew?... Read the rest
Safe Walking with Bikes to School A family participating in National Bike to School Day. Photo credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition As if there weren’t enough economic, social, environmental, safety, or physical health benefits of walking and cycling, one new study is showing yet another reason to embrace active transportation, especially among children– better concentration ability. The Atlantic Cities summarized the findings of this new study, which comes to us from Denmark – perhaps no surprise since the country is home to Copenhagen, one of the great cycling cities in the world: The survey looked at nearly 20,000 Danish kids between the ages of 5 and 19.... Read the rest
Pedestrian mode share on the way to East Bay BART stations Digital map-maker Eric Fischer is at it again! 511CC previously highlighted a fascinating, Twitter data driven map Fischer had created that clearly showed the majority of people tweeting about BART are riding BART. This time we would like to share more compelling and intriguing data Fischer has put into digestible map format. All images below are from Eric Fischer’s Flickr page. Pedestrian Mode Share on the way to East Bay BART Stations The blue lines represent where almost all people on their way to BART are walking.... Read the rest
Tokyo - Intersection Get your walking shoes on, Friday April 6th is “Walk to Work Day”! Photo credit: KanKaiEn The first Friday of April has marked this yearly event since 2004, in attempts to encourage a more active lifestyle in an increasingly sedentary age. The goal is straightforward, and perhaps more easily accomplished in San Francisco, one of that nation’s most walkable cities, than elsewhere. But what if you’re in a more suburban area, living more than a couple of miles from work but still wish to participate?... Read the rest
Go green and use public transportation, carpool, vanpool, walk and cycle instead of driving alone. Click on the links at the top of the page to apply for your free start-up incentives valued at $60.  Download the PDF for Green Start Up Incentive Here... Read the rest