WestCAT Lynx Take 10 Offer | 511 Contra Costa

WestCAT Lynx Take 10 Offer

Take a break from driving in Bay Bridge traffic with 10 trips for $1 on WestCAT Lynx.

If you drive the Bay Bridge to get to work, you’re all too familiar with commute-hour traffic. Instead of driving, you could sit back, relax, and still get there faster with our Take 10 offer.

If you live or work in Contra Costa and currently drive alone to your workplace, we’ll give you five round trips on WestCAT Lynx for only a $1 shipping fee.

Successful applicants will receive a discount code (good for $50) to be used on WestCAT’s Shopify page. After ordering there (and paying a $1 shipping fee), we will mail a paper pass which is good for for 10 one-way trips on WestCAT Lynx. Passes available while supplies last.


You are eligible to receive an incentive if you:

  • Live or work in Contra Costa County,
  • Are 18 years of age or older,
  • Would otherwise drive alone to/from an employment location if this incentive program were not available, and
  • Agree to complete a brief survey to assess the effectiveness of this program.

Program Rules

  • If you have received any 511 Contra Costa promotion or program incentives in the same July 1 to June 30 funding year, you are not eligible to receive this incentive
  • 511 Contra Costa may request verification from you or your employer of the information you provide
  • Falsifying any information will disqualify you from all 511 Contra Costa programs and promotions
  • 511 Contra Costa reserves the right to make any changes to or to terminate this program at any time without prior notification

WestCAT Lynx Take 10 is made available with funding from Contra Costa Transportation Authority and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.