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Winter Walk Challenge

Congratulations to our Grand Prize iPad winner, Belen from San Ramon!

We received nearly 1,000 fantastic photos from every corner of the county as our Winter Walk Challenge participants explored their neighborhoods on foot. For 12 weeks, we asked you to find rainbows, outdoor art, wildlife, spring in bloom, and much more. Thank you for taking on the challenge.

Together, we traveled at least 15,000 miles and burned a minimum of 1.2 million calories. Driving those same 15,000 miles would have produced 13,500 lbs. of CO2, the main greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Our small, individual actions really add up when we work together as a community.

Winter Walk Challenge is free, fun, and open to all ages. Join us again next year!

How to Participate

  • Register to participate
  • Walk to local destinations January through March
  • Send us selfies showing us how you met weekly challenges
  • Five weekly $35 Amazon gift card winners
  • iPad Grand Prize Drawing
  • Kids can enter with hand-drawn art titled “The Best Ever Walk to School”

Week 12: Water

Week 11: Spring Has Sprung

Week 10: Nature’s Animals

Week 9: Mail It!

Week 8: Look Both Ways!

Week 7: Rainbows!

Week 6: All Aboard!

Week 5: Bookworm

Week 4: Snack Time

Week 3: Rain Walk

Week 2: Outdoor Art

Week 1: Parks Make Life Better!

The Winter Walk Challenge is made available with funding from Contra Costa Transportation Authority and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.