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You asked, 511CC answers

Two weeks ago, we asked you to share your hottest transportation questions.
Our trusty readers didn’t hold back! Let’s see what they said (and how we can help them find answers). Keep these questions coming, either in the comments below, Facebook, or Twitter.
Is it possible to add a bike lane from Pinole to Martinez and back? I try to commute on Alhambra Valley Rd as much as possible but it’s very narrow and vehicles drive a little too close. Another alternative would be to pave a single bike lane from Periera Rd to Franklin Canyon. It’ll allow bicycles to travel away from the main road and not have to worry about slowing down commuting vehicles. – Joe
The  Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan  indicates the following:

  • Pinole Valley Road from I-80 to Castro Ranch Road – Class II bike lanes
  • Alhambra Valley Road from Castro Ranch Road to Reliez Valley Road- Class II bike lanes
  • The Plan didn’t indicate a route from Periera Rd to Franklin Canyon.

Is there a commuter bus from Brentwood to Livermore, via Vasco Road? If not, WHY? – Nicole Figueroa
Using 511’s trip planner, the shortest public transit trip we could find was over 4 hours and used three different transit systems. Ouch.
The short answer to “why not” is simply that public agencies everywhere are having to cut back, and our transit systems are fighting to preserve the routes that serve the higher number of riders possible. It’s unfortunately a common problem.
Of course, that doesn’t mean people don’t want  commute alternatives to get between Brentwood and Livermore (or any other combination of cities). We recommend that for now, you look into ridesharing while you commute on that route. Join a carpool or vanpool here.
We need a bus that travels from El Sobrante to Orinda BART. AC discontinued that route, is there any way WestCAT could pick up that route? – Kathy Olson
AC Transit’s latest round of service cuts and upcoming fare increases will regrettably limit options for  Contra Costa commuters. Without the 74, there isn’t a direct route between Orinda and El Sobrante.
This route is particularly tricky because El Sobrante is in the WestCAT service area, but Orinda is served by the County Connection. Let them both know you’re interested in this route.
Why not try ridesharing. If you need a carpool or vanpool, look into a rideshare for that corridor.
When will Carlson Blvd be finished? Will there be bike lanes in both directions? – Kathy
That’s a great question for Richmond’s Engineering and Design Services and check out the City of Richmond’s website on the Carlson Boulevard Project.

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