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A Copenhagen Bicycle Culture Infographic

Want to learn some statistics about bicycling in Copenhagen in a flash? Look no further than the “Copenhagen Cycle Infographic“– created by  graphic designer Emma Sivell and first shared on the blog Copenhagenize. The clever infographic includes factoids like: 18% of the Danish population cycle daily; 40% of children cycle to school in Denmark; and that there are just as many bicycles as there are people in greater Copenhagen– 1.7 million!
Photo credit: zoonabar
The infographic is full of impressive numbers about the state of bicycling in Copenhagen. However, maybe it’s no surprise  the Danish – and in particular Copenhageners – cycle so much. Cycling Weekly recently took a look at some measures found in Denmark that encourage and help residents get around by bike,  measures include: the creation of new bike paths that follow so-called “desire lines” (routes people take that that currently don’t have bike paths), and synchronizing traffic lights to accommodate the speed of cyclists. Copenhagen’s Director of Transportation, Niels Tørsløv, puts it succinctly:

 “It’s the same principle that was applied to the highways system in the 60s, only now it’s being applied to cycling.”

What a concept!

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