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AC Transit and Bikes

We posted BART’s bike rules on Monday. With 105 bus lines, including 27 transbay lines to San Francisco and the Peninsula, AC Transit can really extend your range. Do you know AC Transit’s rules for bicycles?
Bikes are allowed on AC Transit buses between midnight and 5:30 am.
AC Transit’s bike racks can only accomodate two-wheeled bicycles with a wheelbase up to 44 inches and a wheel size of at least 16 inches.
AC Transit’s phone number for lost bikes is 510-891-4706. All found bicycles are brought to 1600 Franklin Street and kept for 30 days.
But those racks!
Does the thought of leaving your unsecured bike in front of a 10 ton bus make you cringe? Know the steps – it’s easy!

Loading your Bicycle

  1. When the bus approaches, stay on the sidewalk with your bicycle away from the curb.
  2. Be ready to load your bike by removing any items, such as bags or pumps, that may fall off or interfere with another bike.
  3. First allow other cyclists to remove their bikes.
  4. Signal to the bus driver that you want to load your bike. Make sure the driver sees you before stepping in front of the bus.
  5. Load from the curb side of the bus – do not step into traffic.
  6. Squeeze and pull up on the bike rack handle to release the folded rack. Lower the rack until it clicks into place.
  7. If there is no other bike on the rack, use the inside slot with your front wheel facing the curb.
  8. Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting the wheels into the slots labeled “front” and “rear.” Two bicycles will face in opposite directions on the rack.
  9. Pull out and raise the support arm over the top of the front tire, positioning it as high u pon the tire as possible. Do not lock your bike to the rack.
  10. Get on board, pay your fare, and sit near the front so you can keep an eye on your bike. Always yield front seats to person with disabilities.

Unloading your bike

  1. Signal for your stop about a block ahead.
  2. Tell the driver you will be unloading your bike and exit through the front door.
  3. Raise the support arm up and off the bike’s front tire.
  4. Lift and remove the bike from the rack.
  5. If no other bike is on the rack, fold and secure the rack into the upright position.
  6. Return to the curb with your bike as quickly as possible so the bus can proceed.

Ready to bring your bike on the bus? AC Transit hosted a competition on Bike to Work Day to find the person who could load and unload their bicycle the fastest. The record – 9 seconds. It was harder than it looked.
Have you taken your bike on the bus? Share your story.

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