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AC Transit Goes Solar!

AC Transit’s newest hydrogen dispensing station¬†used to fuel the fleet’s zero-emission fuel cell buses in Emeryville produces the hydrogen in part by solar-powered electrolysis!
AC Transit Hydrogen-Powered Bus?
Photo credit: victor chavez
As reported by Solar Server, the station is fitted with¬† a 510 kilowatt DC solar photovoltaic system that will generate energy to help fuel the transit system’s hydrogen-powered buses throughout the Bay Area.
In the article AC Transit General Manager David Armijo shares his excitement of this milestone towards a more sustainable fleet:

“For over a decade, AC Transit has been developing the most comprehensive, zero-emission, fuel cell transit program in North America, and operating zero-emission buses in real-world service. Now, with increased fueling capacity, we have a greater capability to offer clean, quiet, zero-emission transportation to the communities we serve.”

Head over to the Solar Server to learn more about this exciting progress!

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