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BART launches expanded API

In 2007, BART was the first Bay Area transit agency to provide data openly to the public. Yesterday, BART announced the formal launch of its expanded API, or Application Programming Interface, continuing its tradition of distributing data to the public.
The API makes more data publicly available than ever before, data which include schedules for trains and advisories for delays. However, the more significant impact is that the possibilities for the types of applications that can be developed are endless. As stated by BART’s latest news article on the API launch:

Want your phone to buzz and wake you up just before your station if you’re a BART sleeper? There could be an app for that! A tracker to compare your BART travel time to the current traffic conditions if you drove across the Bay Bridge? There could be an app for that!

For more information on what the API means to you, we’ve posted some links below that you may find useful, whether you’re a commuter:

or an application developer:


Additional information:

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